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Lokpal Search Committee

The standing committee on Lokpal bill has recommended that the search committee for Lokpal shall comprise at least seven members and shall ensure 50% representation to SCs and/or STs and/or OBCs and/or minorities and/or women. Parliament should not accept this recommendation.

In India any person can reach any position. Dalits have held positions of President and Vice President of India, CJI and Speaker of Lok Sabha. If a Dalit woman can become chief minister of Uttar Pradesh any Dalit can reach any position. Historical marginalization is not a reason for reservations.

There are various groups within communities. Among Dalits some claim to be Mahadalits and demand reservations within reservations. Many communities who are not OBCs want to be OBCs. Uttar Pradesh elections are coming near and there is talk of giving reservation for Muslims in OBC category.

There are many religious communities that come under minorities. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Bahais can demand representation for their respective communities. Within women there can be demand for quotas for SCs, STs, OBCs and minorities.

If demand for reservation in search committee is granted there will be demand of reservation in selection committee and in Lokpal which is expected to be a nine member body. Supreme Court began with eight judges and over the years the number increased to 26. That should not happen to Lokpal.

For selection of Lokpal members there should be advertisements on government web sites, All India Radio and Doordarshan. There should be no advertisements in newspapers and magazines. That will save money. Only those who apply should be called for interview. Among other things Lokpal members shall be less than 60 years of age when they apply and retirement age should be 65. It is not necessary that they should have been judges or lawyers. Criminologists may be preferred. Lokpal should formulate its procedure. There need not be prosecution and defence lawyers. Lokpal can question the accused and deliver judgment. There should be no appeal on Lokpal judgment.

Cursed be the corrupt

In India corruption has reached stratospheric levels. Thousands of crores of rupees are siphoned off. Criminals get away. An ordinary citizen can not do much in his fight against corruption. RTI activists are killed. There is one thing an ordinary citizen can do and that is to curse the corrupt and criminals.
Cursed be every corrupt President of India.
Cursed be every corrupt Vice President of India.
Cursed be every corrupt Prime Minister of India.
Cursed be every corrupt Speaker of Lok Sabha.
Cursed be every corrupt Governor.
Cursed be every corrupt Chief Minister.
Cursed be every corrupt Speaker of Legislative Assembly.
Cursed be every corrupt minister of India in union government or state government.
Cursed be every corrupt chairman of Legislative Council.
Cursed be every corrupt MP, MLA, MLC, corporator, member of zilla parishad or Panchayat.
Cursed be every corrupt politician.
Cursed be every corrupt Election Commissioner.
Cursed be every corrupt judge of the Supreme Court, High Court, district court, sessions court or any other court or tribunal. Let every guilty person let off by them be tried again and be punished.
Cursed be every corrupt Attorney General, Solicitor General, Additional Solicitor General and Advocate General.
Cursed be every corrupt bureaucrat.
Cursed be every corrupt IOA official.
Cursed be every corrupt tax official.
Cursed be every corrupt CBI officer or official.
Cursed be every corrupt public prosecutor.
Cursed be every corrupt forensic expert.
Cursed be every corrupt policeman or policewoman.
Cursed be every corrupt journalist.
Cursed be every corrupt government employee.
Cursed be every corrupt magistrate or munsiff.
Cursed be every corrupt person in the army, navy, air force or any para-military force.
Cursed be every murderer. Let him/her be hanged.
Cursed be every rapist. Let him be castrated.
Cursed be every molester. Let him be in jail for at least two years for every case of molestation.
Cursed be every abductor, hijacker or kidnapper. Let him/her be hanged.
Cursed be every corrupt policeman or policewoman who does not protect the person in his/her charge and allows him/her to be murdered. Let the corrupt policeman or policewoman be hanged.
Cursed be every jailor who allows criminals to escape. Let him/her be hanged.
Let every corrupt person lose whatever he/she gained by corruption.
The corrupt and criminals will not be happy to read this. Some will not change.
Cursed be anyone who curses me and let lightning strike and turn to ashes anyone who wants to harm me.