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Candidate for Prime Minister III

As days pass it appears my chance of becoming PM is becoming brighter.

UPA, NDA and Third Front having 181 seats each in Lok Sabha is a probability. In Third Front I include Samajwadi Party, RJD and LJP. Though these three parties are with UPA they have no poll understanding.

Sonia Gandhi is wrong about justice and equality in Rama Rajya. Sita was sent to forest for no fault of hers. Shambooka, a Dalit, was killed because someone said the death of a Brahmin child was due to Shambooka doing tapasya. Many years ago there used to be El TV. Rajeev Shukla interviewed Ram Vilas Paswan in Ru-ba-ru. When Rajeev Shukla told Ram Vilas Paswan about Gandhi’s vision of Rama Rajya Ram Vilas Paswan said “I don’t want Rama Rajya. If there is Rama Rajya Shambooka will be killed. I do not want Shambooka to be killed.”

L. K. Advani talks about bringing money from Swiss banks. When BJP was in power he did not get in back. He does not talk about black money in India. Some months back, as per newspaper reports, two crores rupees disappeared from BJP office in Delhi. No police complaint was made because it was black money.

I have a dream of India being the number one country in the world. A country where all have good food, clothing and shelter. All get education. Crime is rare and swiftly dealt with till it becomes free from crime. Justice is fast. All are happy.

Candidate for Prime Minister II

In my previous blog I had mentioned five things I wish to do if I become PM.

It is possible that UPA, NDA and Third Front will have 181 seats each in Lok Sabha and my chance of becoming PM will be bright. Vladimir Putin was not a member of any political party. He became PM of Russia.

Today I will deal with points 6 and 7.

6) Uniform Civil Code

India will have Uniform Civil Code. Adoption of 18 years and above will be illegal and invalid. Law regarding marriage, divorce, separation, annulment and dissolution will be same for all. Monogamy will apply to all. This will avoid episodes like Chander Mohan/Chand Mohammed marrying Anuradha Bali/Fiza and deserting her.

7) Hacking

There will be tough punishments for hacking, identity theft, illegal access of e-mail ids of other people, creating and sending viruses and such crimes. If a person illegally accesses another person’s e-mail id and sends nude photographs of that person to the contacts in the e-mail id the punishment will be death.