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Fall of USA

USA ceased to be a superpower in 2008. American dollar does not deserve to continue as reserve currency. American budget deficit continues to grow. Extension of Bush-era tax cuts means there is no hope of deficit coming down in the next two years. With 600 billion dollars being printed dollar will weaken further. USA may not remain a great power.

For USA to remain a great power it has to cut its expenses. It should stop fighting useless wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia and call back remaining troops in Iraq.

USA should open its borders to Mexicans. That will provide labour and demand for houses will go up.

Troubles in eurozone prevented euro from becoming an option as reserve currency. Russia and China have agreed to accept each other’s currency. Many countries are likely to follow suit and dump dollar.

Brazil is rising as a power. In Security Council it refused to vote against Iran. It has recognized Palestine. It won bids to host Olympics and Football World Cup.

China is a rival to USA. It has large presence in Africa. It supports North Korea.

Military might is not enough to be a superpower or great power. USSR had military might. With disintegration of USSR there was no rival to USA. In 1991 USA went to UN Security Council which voted 12-2 for Gulf War, with China abstaining. In 1999 there was no Security Council vote. USA led NATO in bombing Serbia. In 2003 there was no unanimity in NATO about Iraq War. USA attacked Iraq with few countries supporting it.

Empires rise and fall. No country can remain a superpower for ever. Fall of USA was inevitable.

India and Security Council

India wants permanent membership of UN Security Council. Some argue the Security Council reflects the reality of 1945 and it should reflect the reality of 2010. In 1971 Taiwan (Republic of China) was expelled from UN and its seat went to China (People’s Republic of China). In 1991 USSR disintegrated and its seat went to Russia. So the UN Security Council reflects the reality of 1991. In 1945 India was a colony. In 1991 Indian economy was in bad shape. Reality of 2010 means France and UK should not be members of Security Council but nobody is saying that. In 2003 France opposed invasion of Iraq and some Americans wanted France’s seat to go to India.

In 2010 India is a major contender for permanent membership of UN Security Council. Other major contenders are Germany, Japan and Brazil. France, Russia and UK support India. USA says the issue is complicated. China claims Arunachal Pradesh and some other parts of India as its territory.

Italy opposes Germany. Japan has territorial disputes with China and Russia. USA supports Japan. USA will not support Brazil. India alone can not become a member of Security Council. Nigeria and South Africa want to represent Africa in Security Council. All claims are to be considered and China, France, Russia, UK and USA have to agree on new members. That is unlikely for a long time to come.

Barack Obama wants to see India as a member of reformed Security Council. He also wants India to assume greater responsibility in matters of democracy and human rights. He mentioned Iran and Burma. India is a member of Security Council for 2011 and 2012. How India votes on Security Council resolutions will determine USA’s support to India.

India, Germany, Japan and Brazil can found an organization that will rival UN. They can be permanent members in the Security Council of the new organization.

National Highway 39

National Highway 39 in Manipur has been blocked by some Nagas since 11/4/2010. Prices have shot up in Manipur. Life has become difficult. Manipur government has done nothing to stop the blockade. Indian government has done nothing to stop the blockade.
National Highway 53 also came under blockade. However some suppliers were brought through under escort some days back.
It is the duty of the state government to maintain law and order. When the state government fails central government has to intervene.
India wants a seat as permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations. It is unable to ensure transport of goods within its territory.
Over the years many who blocked transport were dealt with leniently. Gujjars were let off easily. They caused havoc for several days. NH 39 blockade has gone on for too long. It look India is worse than a banana republic.
Manipur government must be told to put an end to blockade. People who block must be told to end the blockade. If they do not stop the blockade, force must be used to remove them from the place.
There must be tough punishment for blockade. It should not be less than 50 years imprisonment.
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