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Petrol price hike unjustified

Petrol price has gone up once again. There is no good reason for the hike. It is a myth that oil marketing companies decide the hike. When there were elections in four states and one union territory petrol price did not go up. The hike happened after voting was over. That time LPG price also went up.

The government says hike is inevitable because of increase in price of oil in international market. When the price comes down in international market petrol, diesel or LPG price does not come down. Then it is said there is subsidy for diesel, kerosene and LPG. The government’s manipulation of exchange rate has resulted in rupee being weak and common people having to pay a high price. When rupee appreciates against dollar the government buys dollars and keeps the value of rupee down. When rupee depreciates the government does not sell dollars and keep the value of rupee. It is done to favour exporters at the cost of 121 crore Indians.

USA prints about a trillion dollars every year and dumps them in the market. That should have brought down the value of dollar. However India has printed notes and when USA goes down India goes down even further. If India had not manipulated currency the prices of petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG would have been about one tenth of what they are today.

PM Manmohan Singh he does not have a magic wand. You don’t need a magic wand. You have to do the right thing. DMK, NCP and TMC opposed price hike but no one has talked of currency manipulation that is the root of the problem.

Cash for votes

Wikileaks cables are making news for its revelations about paying cash to get votes. Candidates paying money to voters or UPA paying money to MPs to survive trust vote is back in news.

Azhagiri is said to have paid Rs.5,000 per voter in Thirumangalam. Previous bribe was Rs.500 per voter. In Sivaganga, Karti Chidamabram, son of P. Chidambaram, is said to have paid voters. Asaduddin Owaisi is said to have paid money to fund worthy requests in his constituency and according to him the legal spending limit of 25 lakh rupees on election was a joke and he spends 25 lakh rupees on polling day alone.

Did the losers in above elections complain to the Election Commission and if so what did the Election Commission do? In Sivaganga, P. Chidambaram’s rival was first declared elected and then on recount P. Chidambaram was declared elected and his rival had gone to court. Election Commission’s credibility is at test.

Cables regarding trust vote mention various names. On 17/3/2011 BJP demand Manmohan Singh’s resignation on the basis of cable that said Satish Sharma’s political aide Nachiketa Kapur mentioned to an Embassy staff member on 16/7/2008 that Ajit Singh’s RLD had been paid Rs.10 crore for each of their four MPs to support the government but the crucial thing was to ensure that those who took the money would vote for the government. Nachiketa Kapur showed two chests containing cash around Rs.50-60 crore.

RLD MPs voted against the government. Besides, there were three RLD MPs, not four. On the basis of above cable it is unreasonable to demand Manmohan Singh’s resignation. If the RLD MPs had voted for the government it could have been said that they voted for the government because they received cash. When they did not vote for the government it means either they did not get the money or they got the money but voted against the government which is unlikely. It is possible that money was not paid to RLD MPs and someone thought renaming Lucknow’s Amausi airport after Ajit Singh’s father Charan Singh would get RLD votes.

Americans wanted the nuclear deal to go through and their interest in the survival of UPA government is understandable. Did they pay the money to buy votes? Why did Nachiketa Kapur tell the employee that the crucial thing was to ensure that those who took the money would vote for the government? Possibly to tell the Americans that RLD MPs did not vote for the government in spite of getting money while RLD MPs would not know what Nachiketa Kapur told the Americans and Nachiketa Kapur and others were sure that the Americans will not check with RLD MPs.

Kamal Nath is mentioned as someone who could formerly pay small planes as bribes but now with jets. Tarun Das in a telephone conversation had mentioned Kamal Nath as someone who makes 15% on contracts.

Some BJP MPs had defied party whip and voted for the motion on 22/7/2008. BJP can find out how much they received and from whom and if that points to Congress leaders they can justifiably ask for Manmohan Singh’s resignation even though the matter pertains to 14th Lok Sabha. The sting operation conducted by CNN-IBN does not have any Congress leader in it. Congress leaders are “smart” and they do not give or take cash themselves. On 22/7/2008 BJP MPs Ashok Arga, Faggan Singh Kulaste and Mahavir Bhagora had put out notes and placed them on the table of the house during the debate. The committee headed by V. Kishore Chandra Deo went into their claim. It did not find evidence against Ahmed Patel and “clinching evidence” against Amar Singh, then a Samajwadi Party MP, and recommended further investigation.

Manmohan Singh has refused to resign. He says he did not authorize cash for votes. He added that in 2009 elections the number of BJP MPs came down from 139 to 112 and of Left Front from 59 to 24. If BJP wants Manmohan Singh to quit it has to move no confidence motion and win.

Cursed be the corrupt

In India corruption has reached stratospheric levels. Thousands of crores of rupees are siphoned off. Criminals get away. An ordinary citizen can not do much in his fight against corruption. RTI activists are killed. There is one thing an ordinary citizen can do and that is to curse the corrupt and criminals.
Cursed be every corrupt President of India.
Cursed be every corrupt Vice President of India.
Cursed be every corrupt Prime Minister of India.
Cursed be every corrupt Speaker of Lok Sabha.
Cursed be every corrupt Governor.
Cursed be every corrupt Chief Minister.
Cursed be every corrupt Speaker of Legislative Assembly.
Cursed be every corrupt minister of India in union government or state government.
Cursed be every corrupt chairman of Legislative Council.
Cursed be every corrupt MP, MLA, MLC, corporator, member of zilla parishad or Panchayat.
Cursed be every corrupt politician.
Cursed be every corrupt Election Commissioner.
Cursed be every corrupt judge of the Supreme Court, High Court, district court, sessions court or any other court or tribunal. Let every guilty person let off by them be tried again and be punished.
Cursed be every corrupt Attorney General, Solicitor General, Additional Solicitor General and Advocate General.
Cursed be every corrupt bureaucrat.
Cursed be every corrupt IOA official.
Cursed be every corrupt tax official.
Cursed be every corrupt CBI officer or official.
Cursed be every corrupt public prosecutor.
Cursed be every corrupt forensic expert.
Cursed be every corrupt policeman or policewoman.
Cursed be every corrupt journalist.
Cursed be every corrupt government employee.
Cursed be every corrupt magistrate or munsiff.
Cursed be every corrupt person in the army, navy, air force or any para-military force.
Cursed be every murderer. Let him/her be hanged.
Cursed be every rapist. Let him be castrated.
Cursed be every molester. Let him be in jail for at least two years for every case of molestation.
Cursed be every abductor, hijacker or kidnapper. Let him/her be hanged.
Cursed be every corrupt policeman or policewoman who does not protect the person in his/her charge and allows him/her to be murdered. Let the corrupt policeman or policewoman be hanged.
Cursed be every jailor who allows criminals to escape. Let him/her be hanged.
Let every corrupt person lose whatever he/she gained by corruption.
The corrupt and criminals will not be happy to read this. Some will not change.
Cursed be anyone who curses me and let lightning strike and turn to ashes anyone who wants to harm me.