Criminals should not vote in Parliament

Tomorrow 22/7/2008 is vote of confidence (trust vote) in Lok Sabha.

Six members of Lok Sabha are prisoners, three of them convicted for murder.

These six members of Lok Sabha should not be allowed to vote on the motion.

The Speaker should not allow them to vote.

Criminals who are in jails should not vote in Parliament on any issue.

The constitution is silent does not mean that they should be allowed to vote.

Even if they were allowed to vote in the past we have to break with it.

When the constitution was written the writers did not foresee that one day murderers, kidnappers and such criminals will one day become MPs.

Constituent Assembly had members who had gone to jail for fighting for the freedom of the country.

The government can survive or fall by one vote.

It is bad if votes by criminals decide majority.

Lok Sabha has the right to expel members.

Indira Gandhi was expelled.

Anyone who is convicted for murder must be expelled from Lok Sabha.

So also should be the case with Rajya Sabha.

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