USA and drugs

USA has many people who buy cocaine, heroin and other drugs. If those people stop buying those drugs they will not be made.
USA spends money to stop people in other countries making drugs. USA should make its people stop buying drugs. Those who buy such drugs should have 10 years imprisonment and those who sell should have death penalty.
USA is concerned about drugs made in other countries killing its citizens. Guns made in USA kill citizens in other countries. There are many shops that sell weapons on USA-Mexico border. Many of these weapons are used by gangs dealing in drugs and kill people in Mexico. USA has not done anything to stop sales of such weapons. Murders have gone up in Mexico after it stopped death penalty.
Drug traders in Colombia started with marijuana and diversified into cocaine and heroin. Quantity increased over the years. Medellin and Cali cartels came into existence.
Some drug traders are popular with their people. USA wanted the extradition of a drug trader from Kingston, Jamaica. The police met with resistance. Many members of the gang died. Drug trader was not found.
USA has Drug Enforcement Agency to deal with drugs. Why is it not successful in combating drug trade?
Arms kill. Drugs kill. Arms trade is legal in USA. In USA there are people who oppose arms control. In other countries there are people who do not worry about drug addiction of Americans.
Let USA stop its citizens from buying drugs.
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