Month: March 2007

Losing Things

I have lost many things over the years. First time I lost a 25 paise coin. It was given to buy two seers of salt. One seer cost 10 paise. I had put the coin in the bag. My mother had told me several times not to lose the coin. So after every few steps I opened the bag and looked. During one such attempt I lost the coin and could not locate it.

I lost my degree certificate. It was a Sunday, 31/7/1994. I had gone for an interview. I had put a file in a bag. I held the degree certificate in a paper cylinder. I had walked to the place of interview and while returning I realised the certificate was missing. I went back searching on the way but could not find it.

I lost my Bank of Baroda cheque book and that resulted in not being able to close the account.

I lost my Manipal Finance Corporation FDRs. The loss is more than Rs.25,000/-. Manipal Finance Corporation is also avoiding payments to people who have FDRs.

I lost my spectacles four times. Third time was on 18/2/2007 and the loss was Rs.1,000/-.
Sometimes I forget to collect change. Once while buying a railway pass worth Rs.88/- I gave a Rs.100/- note and forgot to collect change. Fourth time was on 27/3/2007. After getting down at Vasai Road Station I came out and was standing in queue for autorickshaw. My spectacles were in my bag. There was one SMS. I took out the spectacles to read it. It was a routine SMS from BSNL welcoming me. I put the spectacles in the left pocket of my trousers. I got down at Shreeji Tower at Evershine City and bought bread. It was around 8.25 p.m. After coming out and walking a few steps I realized my spectacles were missing. I went back where I got down. The autorickshaw was not there. I reached home at 8.34 p.m. After a few minutes it occurred tome that the autorickshaw may be in queue waiting for passengers to go to Vasai Road Station. I went there and asked some autorickshaw drivers and saw the autorickshaws there. I could not find the spectacles. Losing spectacles after one month was a bad experience. 

Apart from losing and forgetting, at times my things were stolen. In local trains my money was stolen several times, passes at least twice, mobile once and bag once. The 

The loss of mobile cost of Rs.8,275/- besides the effort in storing the numbers. That was on 19/2/2004. The cost of losing the bag on 31/5/2004 was around Rs.500/-. It included the cost of may bag, my tiffin box with spoon and Rs.200/- I had paid for a set Xerox copies of purchase agreement of my flat. Mobile and bag were stolen in first class compartment.

Sometimes coins fall from my hands and land up in gutters. Thrice torches fell from my hand in toilets and disappeared.

Sometimes I keep something at a place and the next instant I don’t find it there. Once while arranging my papers I could not find National Savings Certificates. 

I wonder why and how such things happen to me. Can someone enlighten me?

Women and Gender Justice

Women are equal to men. Legal position regarding women differs from country to country.

If the law discriminates against women it is for women to fight against such law.

Every person is known by name. Gender Justice has to begin with name. A married man does not change his name. In many societies women change their names and/or surnames after marriage. Women must retain their maiden names after marriage.

Any law that allows a man to have two or more wives is discriminatory to women.

Gender justice is not achieved by privileges. Women should not ask for reservations in legislatures. Women who are capable do not need reservations. Reservations in panchayats and urban bodies has led to proxy rule in many places.

Many crimes take place against women and women commit crimes against other women. In dowry deaths it is the mother-in-law who plays a lead role. Female foeticide and female infanticide can not take place without the abetment by women.

Gender justice has to be achieved by women. Actions speak louder than words. It can not be achieved by women who marry married men.

Having more policewomen and more women judges is not the solution. One woman judge in Bombay sentenced a 45 year old woman for having sex with a male who was less than 18 years and let off men who raped lightly. She had to be transferred.

Gender justice means women will not be put to disadvantage because of their sex. Gender justice means woman is able to have education. Woman is free to choose her profession. In many countries there are laws against women. Those laws must go.