Hitler was a friend of India

Hitler helped Subhash Chandra Bose who wanted India to be a free country. Due to Hitler’s help to Subhash Chandra Bose Japan released Indian soldiers who were prisoners of war. Indian National Army was formed. INA had some success before Japan was defeated.

The British and others have reasons to hate Hitler. India has no reason to hate Hitler.

The crimes committed by the British are not talked about. They were the first to use concentration camps in South Africa and many Boers died in them. Hitler wanted to end war with UK and Rudolf Hess who went there with peace proposal was imprisoned. That was an embarrassment for Germany and Hitler disowned Rudolf Hess.

Germany under Hitler weakened UK and that made India’s independence possible. UK could not hold on to India and other colonies.

More people died under Stalin than Hitler.
Churchill waxed eloquent about democracy but did not want democracy for India.

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