Pirates of Somalia

Over the years pirates of Somalia have expanded their sphere. From the coast of Africa to the coast of India there is no safe zone from the pirates.

UN, NATO, EU and AU have been ineffective in putting an end to piracy. When piracy began the demands of pirates for ransom were met. They became bold and piracy increased. More ships became targets. More Somalis became pirates. In few instances pirates were met with resistance and hostages rescued. EU countries let off pirates caught instead of putting them on trial. India, China, South Korea and USA have on occasions fought pirates.

Now the pirates are found around Lakshadweep. When Indian Navy encounters pirates all pirates should be shot dead. Those already caught should be charged with waging war, hijacking and abduction and put to death. There is no soft option.

Sailors in ships sailing in Indian Ocean should have training in use of weapons and must be provided with armour. They should take turns to guard ships.

Somalia has anarchy. Somaliland, in northwest Somalia, proclaimed independence in 1991 and has stability but is not recognized by other countries. There are double standards as such countries recognize Kosovo and supported referendum in South Sudan. Puntland, in northeast Somalia, proclaimed autonomy in 1998. India can recognize Somaliland and annex rest of Somalia. UN abandoned Somalia after some years. USA had a bad experience and withdrew its troops. Pirates should not have safe havens.

Updated: April 9, 2013 — 5:01 pm

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