Pirates of Somalia

When I was a boy I read stories about pirates.Piracy was a thing of the past.

Some years back I read about a piracy near Indonesia.I was surprised that piracy happened during our time.

This year piracy has increased.Pirates of Somalia have hijacked ships with impunity and demanded ransom and got it.USA, Russia and countries of Europe did not do much to prevent piracy or catch or kill the pirates.

Many Indian sailors had to suffer due to hijackings.Many are still in captivity.Sailors of many other countries are also in captivity.UN is silent.Countries have not done enough to protect their ships or sailors and catch or kill pirates.

Indian Navy has prevented the hijacking of two ships and destroyed a pirate ship.India has to act tough.Prevention is better than cure.Pirates should be killed.There should be no negotiations.India should annex Somalia.If any other country wants to annex Somalia let it declare so and guarantee that ships will not be hijacked.UN intervention in Somalia had failed.

Piracy should not have been there in the first place.Once it started it should not have been allowed to assume alarming proportions.There are no soft options.

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