Criminally Insane

Two psychiatrists in Norway have concluded that the terrorist Anders Behring Breivik who murdered 77 people is criminally insane which means he may be sent to lunatic asylum than to jail. This is strange. The terrorist knew what he was doing. He had planned in advance. The bomb blast he caused in Norway could have killed more people including Norway’s prime minister. He wore police uniform to deceive people. That is criminal planning. What is criminally insane? Either one is insane or not insane. The place of the terrorist is jail and punishment should be death. The psychiatrists who said he is criminally insane should be sent to a lunatic asylum.

Many criminals have got away from punishment on the ground that they were insane. Some have committed crimes and got away on the ground of temporary insanity. One of them was John Wayne Bobbitt’s wife who castrated her husband. When people are angry they say or do things which they normally do not. Murder and mutilation are crimes and letting off people on the ground of temporary insanity is not right.

If a person is insane and he kills people he should be shot dead. Lives of other people should not be risked to keep killers alive.

Updated: December 1, 2011 — 1:39 pm

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  1. I actually think they have taken this decision behind the scenes bacause the longest time in prison anyone can be scentenced to in Norway is 16 years. I do not think anyone in Norway is prepared to set Breivik free after that time. But when locked up as mentally insane, there is no time limit, they be set free free when they are judged to be mantally healthy and no danger to society. No doctor in norway will set this man free after 16 years, they will make up diseases if they have to, and they can do that.

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