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US court and India

A US court in New York has issued summons to Kamal Nath to appear before it to answer charges of involvement in killing Sikhs in 1984 in a suit filed by Sikhs for Justice. The group has charged Congress with attacks on Sikhs. Why Kamal Nath is summoned and why not Sajjan Kumar or Jagdish Tytler is not known. H. K. L. Bhagat, known for his role in killing Sikhs, is dead.

US courts do not have jurisdiction over India. If they claim to have jurisdiction over India on some principle it is time for India to reciprocate. Suits must be filed against Americans in Indian courts. George H. W. Bush, William Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and others must be summoned for killings of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other places.

Many riots have taken place in India and most of the times victims have not got justice. Many victims of Sikh terrorism did not get justice. That does not mean other countries can try Indians for crimes committed in India.

Who are members of Sikhs for Justice? Why did they file a case in New York? Why did the court admit the case?

In Guantanamo Bay prisoners are held for years without trial.

Courts should not overstep their jurisdiction. Otherwise there will be anarchy.

Fall of USA

USA ceased to be a superpower in 2008. American dollar does not deserve to continue as reserve currency. American budget deficit continues to grow. Extension of Bush-era tax cuts means there is no hope of deficit coming down in the next two years. With 600 billion dollars being printed dollar will weaken further. USA may not remain a great power.

For USA to remain a great power it has to cut its expenses. It should stop fighting useless wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia and call back remaining troops in Iraq.

USA should open its borders to Mexicans. That will provide labour and demand for houses will go up.

Troubles in eurozone prevented euro from becoming an option as reserve currency. Russia and China have agreed to accept each other’s currency. Many countries are likely to follow suit and dump dollar.

Brazil is rising as a power. In Security Council it refused to vote against Iran. It has recognized Palestine. It won bids to host Olympics and Football World Cup.

China is a rival to USA. It has large presence in Africa. It supports North Korea.

Military might is not enough to be a superpower or great power. USSR had military might. With disintegration of USSR there was no rival to USA. In 1991 USA went to UN Security Council which voted 12-2 for Gulf War, with China abstaining. In 1999 there was no Security Council vote. USA led NATO in bombing Serbia. In 2003 there was no unanimity in NATO about Iraq War. USA attacked Iraq with few countries supporting it.

Empires rise and fall. No country can remain a superpower for ever. Fall of USA was inevitable.

Afghan War

Americans are unable to win Afghan War. They can not win Afghan War. It is because American money is financing America’s enemies.

America gives money to Pakistan to fight Taliban. Pakistan finances Afghan Taliban who fight Americans. Sometimes Pakistanis directly attack Americans. During one such attack on a helicopter Americans fired back. Three Pakistani soldiers died. Pakistan closed its borders to NATO convoys. NATO tankers went up in smoke. Whether they were blown up by Afghan Taliban, Pakistani army or ISI is immaterial. All are on the same side.

America gives money to certain leaders for safe passage of its convoys. Those leaders give money to Afghan Taliban. Afghan Taliban collects money from employees who are paid by Americans. It is American money that is used against America.

America wants to end war and talk to “moderate” Taliban. Someone claims to be a Taliban leader. He meets some people and walks away with money before Americans discover he is an impostor.

Nothing is achieved by Afghan War. Afghans don’t want Americans or their NATO allies. They take money from whoever gives. America or Iran, it does not make a difference.

Al Qaeda and its associates have shifted to Yemen and other countries. Pakistan fights Pakistani Taliban.

There is no freedom of religion in Afghanistan. If any Muslim gives up Islam he can be put to death. In one case one person who became Christian was sentenced to death. He was allowed to leave Afghanistan on the ground that he was mentally unsound.

The earlier America gets ends Afghan the better it is for them. Afghan Taliban will not get American money and many people will desert it.