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BCCI and Asian Games

BCCI has refused to send cricket teams to Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou in November 2010. Men will have a cricket series with New Zealand at that time. Women do not have any series but BCCI has not agreed to send women’s team also.
Some have called BCCI’s decision a national disgrace. Some say BCCI has put money before medals. Some suggest BCCI could send its B team. BCCI does not agree. In 1998 it sent two teams; one to Kuala Lumpur for Commonwealth Games, another to a series in Toronto. Both teams lost. Recently India’s B team in Zimbabwe lost two ODIs to Zimbabwe. Suresh Kalmadi, chairman of IOA, said he knew BCCI would not send cricket team to Commonwealth Games and therefore he did not include cricket in Commonwealth Games.
May be money is more important for BCCI and some cricketers than awards and Asian Games medals. Two cricketers did not think much of Padma Shri awards.
Some say it is not about money. BCCI is not agreeable to the whereabouts clause of World Anti-Doping Agency.
Someone said it is good if BCCI does not send a team. Cricketers get attention at all times. This time other athletes will get attention.
Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have agreed to send teams to Asian Games. Afghanistan, China and Oman cricket teams will play in Asian Games.
Sports ministry can select two teams. For men’s team cricketers who retired in recent years and those who are not likely to play in New Zealand series can be selected. Anil Kumble, Sourav Ganguly, Rohan Gavaskar, David Johnson, Noel Coward and such players can be in the team. There is no problem in selecting women’s team as they do not have any series at the time.
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IPL and Pakistan

On 19 January 2010 during the IPL auction none of the 11 Pakistan players was picked up by any of the eight franchisee teams. This set off reactions in Pakistan.
Lalit Modi, IPL Commissioner, said teams did not select any Pakistan player and only one player from Australia was selected. Team owners said they were not convinced of the availability of Pakistani players for the entire season or they had some other players in mind and such things. It was clear it was decided beforehand not to bid for Pakistani players. Pakistani players had faced visa problems in December 2009. That was the foretaste of things to come. If Pakistani players were not to be selected they should not have been included in the list. Pakistani players were angry. Many Pakistanis were angry and considered it insult of Pakistan. Pakistan had won 2020 championship in 2009. Pakistan cancelled the visit of its parliamentary delegation to India. Pakistani sports minister spoke to India’s sports minister Mohinder Singh Gill who said IPL is a commercial enterprise and the government has nothing to do with it. Lalit Modi’s effigy was burnt in Pakistan.
The repercussions of not bidding for Pakistani players seem to affect many things other than cricket. There was talk of Pakistan boycotting Hockey World Cup in India but the idea was given up as it is a World Federation event. IPL telecast will not be allowed in Pakistan. There is demand to ban Indian films. Pakistan Kabaddi Federation cancelled India tour. Pakistan team was to play five matches in Inida.
Not many believe that the Government of India had nothing to do with the non-selection of Pakistani players. In 2009 Pakistan did not allow its players to play in IPL due to security reasons. If it had been announced before hand that Pakistani players will not be part of the auction due to security reasons it would not have been a problem. It could have been done in December by refusing visas. They were given visas after due date and were hopeful that they will be selected for IPL.
The controversy was avoidable. Care should be taken that such things do not happen in the future.
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Elections and IPL

On 3/3/2009 Sri Lankan cricketers were attacked by terrorists in Lahore. Lahore Test was abandoned, tour was cancelled and Sri Lankan cricketers returned home.

India’s Home Ministry said that IPL should be postponed as it clashes with Lok Sabha elections and elections are a priority. BCCI wants IPL to be held from 10/4/2009 to 24/5/2009 with some change in dates. Some mention Avery Brundage who when terrorists killed Israeli athletes in Munich Olympics in 1972 said “The show must go on.” Chidambaram says we are not in Munich in 1972 we are in India in 2009. Many feel cricket is not necessary. Life can go on without cricket. BCCI is worried because of financial losses.

Most countries hold elections on a single day. Elections used to be two phase affairs in India for a long time. In recent years Election Commission has increased the number of phases. There is no justification for such a schedule. Elections should be on a single day or if security demands in two phases. Elections can be postponed. In 1991 elections to 12 Lok Sabha constituencies in Punjab which were due to take place on 22/6/1992 were postponed to 25/9/2005 and later cancelled. However IPL can not be the reason for postponing or cancellation of elections.

Targetting cricketers happened for the first time. During IPL cricketers can be targetted. If that happens many countries will refuse to play in India. Sri Lanka had gone to Pakistan because India had cancelled its tour. Some countries had stopped playing in Pakistan. If even one cricketer is targetted during IPL it can have far reaching consequences. Countries can refuse to play in India and hosting of World Cup 2011 can be taken away from India. There are questions about holding World Cup 2011 matches in Pakistan.

IPL can not be compared to Munich Olympics. IPL is yet to begin. Munich Olympics was already in progress. Athletes were representing their countries at Olympics. It was once in four years opportunity. The games were held at one place for Munich Olympics. IPL is held in different cities and teams have to travel. IPL is a private tournament. BCCI does not need government permission to hold IPL. Government is not bound to provide security to IPL. If IPL can provide security to teams it can go ahead with the tournament.