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Haryana Burning

India continues to pay a price for persisting with reservations.

Jats in Haryana want OBC status. They have resorted to arson, looting and vandalism. They have threatened to disrupt Commonwealth Games if their demand is not met. Trucks and buses have been set on fire. Hissar railway station has been set on fire. Transportation disrupted. Banks looted.

Jats in Rajasthan got OBC status. Then Gujjars in Rajasthan who were OBCs wanted ST status and resorted to violence. Meenas opposed ST status to Gujjars.

It seems rule of law has no meaning in Haryana. Khap panchayats murder people and government does nothing. Haryana chief minister Bhoopinder Singh Hooda’s surrender to violence is shameful. He has said the damage to government and private property is done by anti-social elements instead of holding leaders of Jat Aarakshan Sangharsh Samiti responsible for damage.

Central government must untie the Gordian knot of reservations. It must abolish reservations in legislatures, local bodies, government jobs and government educational institutions. That will put an end to become EBCs, OBCs, SCs and STs. Those who damage property must be made to pay for it. Policemen who do their duty should be not punished. The situation demands bold action.

Colours of terror

Chidambaram spoke of saffron terror. Some joined issue by saying terror has no colour.

However one describes terror by a particular group there are people who object to the nomenclature. Some speak of Jehadi/Islamic/Islamist terror. Some speak of Hindu/ Hindutva/ Saffron terror. Some speak of Maoist/Naxal/Red terror. There was Khalistani terror. There is terror in Kashmir and North-East India. There is Marathi terror which has forced multiplex owners to show Marathi films at prime time at reduced rates.

Some want saffron terror to be ignored because it is on a small scale and done by amateurs. They show their true colours. Some say saffron is a colour of valour and it is on national flag. They do not mention that some people arrested for terrorist acts wore saffron.

Someone has gone to court and filed a defamation case against Chidambaram for the use of the phrase saffron terror. Living persons are defamed. It is strange that a colour can be defamed and someone can file a defamation case on behalf of the colour.

For the victims of terror it does not matter who is the perpetrator of crime. Sikhs were victims of terror in 1984 in Delhi. Muslims were victims of terror in 2002 in Gujarat. Christians were victims of terror in 2008 in Orissa and Karnataka. The perpetrators were Hindus. Sikh terrorists who wanted Khalistan killed many Hindus and Sikhs and sometimes people of other religions. Hindu terrorists belonging to ULFA have killed many Hindus. In Kashmir Muslim terrorists have killed Hindus and Muslims.

Sometimes victims of terror are punished and criminals go scot-free. T. J. Joseph a victim of terror. Who had forgiven the criminals who had cut off his hand is sacked by his college. Kothamangalam diocese’s decision is outrageous. Fr. Thomas Malekudy, manager of Newman College where T. J. Joseph served, has said “The management was forced to dismiss him because he failed to withdraw the question paper, which insulted the Prophet. It is up to the Muslim community to forgive Joseph for his crime. If the Muslim community exonerates him, we will think about taking him back. He is also free to move the court.”

Sr. Stella, sister of T. J. Joseph, has said T. J. Joseph has apologised many times. T. J. Joseph must move court. The basis for sacking was unjustified. What does Fr. Thomas Malekudy mean by Muslim community? Is it Popular Front of India? Newman College is a Catholic institute. T. J. Joseph did not commit any crime that is punishable under Canon Law. Is Newman College governed by Shariat? Why is the bishop of Kothamangalam quiet? Why has he not told the college management to revoke the dismissal? Why is the Major Archbishop of Ernakulam Angamaly quiet? Fr. Thomas Malekudy is like Sr. Sebastina who sacked Ruchika Girhotra, a victim of molestation. Education Minister of Kerala, a CPI M led government has condemned the decision to sack T. J. Joseph. Fr. Thomas Malekudy must apologise to T. J. Joseph and revoke the dismissal.

BJP and Shiv Sena wanted tough line against terror and Afzal Guru hanged. Nitin Gadkari had asked why there is delay in hanging Afzal Guru, is he a son-in-law of Congress? UPA government recommended rejection of Afzal Guru’s mercy petition over two months back. Pratibha Patil has not rejected of Afzal Guru’s mercy petition. Why are BJP and Shiv Sena quiet? Is Shiv Sena quiet because Pratibha Patil is a Marathi Manoos?

India and Terrorism

India faces terrorism within and abroad. Indians in Afghanistan are targets of terrorism. Asking Pakistan to hand over terrorists has not helped. When the evidence is presented to Pakistan’s foreign secretary he calls it literature.
India must stop asking Pakistan to hand over terrorists. India must declare that they are wanted dead or alive and announce prizes for anyone who hands them over dead or alive.
The places from where terrorist activity takes place must be destroyed by missiles.
There are people who say war is not an option. They are afraid that missile attacks will lead to war. War should not be ruled out as an option.
Pakistan wants to dominate Afghanistan and does not want India’s presence there. America wants to get out of Afghanistan and has set the deadline. It wants Pakistan to help it. Pakistan in return wants America to keep India out of Afghanistan.
India should not come under pressure from any country.
Terrorism within should be crushed whoever engages in it. Whether the person is a Sadhvi or Lieutenant Colonel or a Naxal or a Jehadi is immaterial. Cases should be decided soon.
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