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Election Results 2011

Election results for Legislative Assemblies in four states and one union territory are out. In Assam it is third time successively for Congress and allies. In West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee led TMC-Congress defeated Left Front which was in power for 34 years. In Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, Jayalalitha led AIADMK and partners to victory over DMK-Congress coalition. In Kerala, UDF won, LDF lost.

CPI-M and CPI lost power in West Bengal and Kerala. They are in coalition with ADMK but did not contest many seats. Congress was in the winning combinations in Assam, West Bengal and Kerala. In Kerala and Tamil Nadu governments have changed every five years for the past few times. BJP lost seats in Assam and did not win seats in other states. Congress is happy that BJP did not do well.

In Kerala it was a close contest with UDF winning 72 seats and LDF winning 68 seats out of 140 seats. In Tamil Nadu, out of 234 seats, AIADMK alliance won 204 seats and DMK alliance won 30 seats. It is said that corruption, family rule, nepotism and arrogance led to DMK defeat and people took money but did not vote for it. In West Bengal, out of 294 seats TMC alliance won 228 seats, Left Front 61 seats and five seats went to others. Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and many ministers lost their seats. In Assam, out of 126 seats Congress alliance won 80 and others won 46 seats.

Mamata Banerjee wants railway ministry to remain with TMC. That is likely. Union Cabinet reshuffle is expected by the end of the month.

Exit polls were generally right about who will win but were wrong about the number of seats.

DMK quits UPA

On 5/3/2011 DMK passed a resolution asking its ministers in central government to quit. DMK will have no alliance with Congress and will give issue-based support to UPA.

Congress-DMK alliance was doomed when Rahul Gandhi went to Tamil Nadu, addressed Congress leaders, and said one of you will be the next chief minister of Tamil Nadu. The die was cast. Bargaining for seats was a ploy by Congress to end the alliance.

It is possible that Congress will go alone and contest all seats in Tamil Nadu. Congress did not want alliance with AIADMK.

DMK has 18 MPs in Lok Sabha. SP, BSP and other parties will be willing to join UPA. The portfolios held by DMK can be given to them. But SP and BSP are rivals of Congress in UP.

In Bihar, Congress went alone and in 2009 got five seats out of 40 in Lok Sabha election and in 2010 got four seats out of 243 in Legislative Assembly election.

Congress has been out of power in Tamil Nadu since 1967. Since some years it has been in coalition with DMK or AIADMK but not part of the government. Getting back power alone seems to be the motive of Congress.

Demographic Dividend

Fools say population is a problem.

Greater fools agree with them.

Wise people say India’s population growth is a demographic dividend.

India’s population was 55 crores in 1971. Many predicted dire consequences if the population growth is not stopped.

Now in 2010 India’s population is around 110 crores. The country is thriving. The prophets of doom have been proved wrong.

In 1971 the number of TV sets, refrigerators, cards and telephones in India was in thousands. In 2010 it is in crores. India has made tremendous progress.

What happens in 2030 and 2050 is difficult to predict. There is no need for gloom. We may be better off than we are today.

UP’s population may be 18 crores. That does not mean it will keep increasing or remain the same. Ganges is drying. UP may have less people in 2030 than today.

There has been increase in food production over the years. There is enough for all people in India. The problem is in distribution. Food storage is not proper. Food rots in godowns or outside godowns.

It is for couples to decide how many children they want to have. Restricting the number by law is against the human or natural right of the couple.

Those who say Kerala and Tamil Nadu have done well to control population forget about migration. Many people from these states have migrated to other states or countries.

European countries with zero population growth have immigrants from Africa.

At one time Japan’s economy was number one in the world. Its economy declined with decreasing population. Australia, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, Singapore and South Korea want to increase their population.

Population finds its level. Money should not be spent to control population.

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