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Sting operations are out of control

A recent report about a teacher of a school in Delhi luring ex-students into prostitution telecast on an unheard and not much known TV channel, led to riots, the teacher, Uma Khurana, being beaten up and destruction of cars and other property. Uma Khurana was arrested and lost her job. This report proved to be fabricated. It was revealed that an acquaintance of Uma Khurana wanted revenge and plotted the scheme. The reporter went along. A journalist acted the role of an ex-student.
Delhi High Court issued notices to Delhi government and police. The reporter was arrested. The CEO of the channel blamed the reporter but held Uma Khurana to be guilty. The CEO and journalist should be arrested too.
Who will make up for the loss of reputation and property? TV channel should be made to pay for both. Some students had said Uma Khurana made them uneasy. They could have been manipulated.
Sting operations get TRPs for channels. All means are employed for entrapment. Impersonation, bribery, cheating, misrepresentation of facts, criminal breach of trust and other crimes are committed. One channel ran two episodes of Bollywood casting couch. The series was discontinued after one person of that channel was summoned by a leader of a political party. Most of the sting operations are on prostitution, call girls, nude dances etc. Very few sting operations were on corruption and other misdemeanours.
Character assassination is not allowed. TV channels that cause loss of reputation and property must be made to pay for them. They should not be allowed to get away with the excuse that reporters did a bad job.
Mobs that go on rampage must also be firmly dealt with. People do not have a right to beat others and damage property.