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Three Events

Three recent events in India have significance.

First was Colors challenging I&B Ministry and going to court. I&B Ministry had asked Imagine and Colours to shift their 9.00 p.m. programmes to a time slot between 11.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m. Imagine obliged. Colors went to court. It got a stay order.

Second was Jaganmohan Reddy’s revolt against Sonia Gandhi. He called, through a TV programme, Manmohan Singh a rubber stamp and Sonia Gandhi’s leadership a failure.

Third was B. S. Yeddyurappa’s defiance of BJP central leadership. No chief minister of any national party had done that and survived as chief minister.

These three events show challenge to central leadership, whether of government or party. TV channels had submitted to the I&B Ministry. Colors has set a precedent. I&B Ministry acts arbitrarily based on the complaints it receives. A programme that is regressive and glorifies something illegal is allowed to continue because there are no complaints. A programme is in trouble when some people find it indecent and complain. I&B Ministry did not act against Balika Vadhu which glorified child marriage which is illegal because the serial was popular with some sections and there were no complaints. Indecency is subjective. Some find a programme indecent, others not. Some programmes claim to be reality TV but how much reality is there in those programmes is questionable. There are many channels. People who do not like a programme do not have to watch it.

In a parliamentary democracy it is for MLAs to decide who should be the chief minister. People sitting in Delhi deciding who should be chief minister of a state is not democracy. Many times MLAs go through the motions of electing chief minister. Sometimes they pass resolutions authorising the party president to select the chief minister. In some cases the person selected is not MLA or MLC.

Jaganmohan wanted to be chief minister of Andhra Pradesh after his father’s death. Many Congress MPs, MLAs and other members wanted him to be the chief minister. Sonia Gandhi chose K. Rosaiah. At first it appeared it was for a short time. When he continued Jaganmohan and supporters created trouble. Jaganmohan defied party leaders. Attacking Sonia Gandhi should have resulted in expulsion. Instead of expelling Jaganmohan, Congress leadership asked Rosaiah to quit.

Yeddyurappa had trouble from within and outside BJP. He survived. BJP and independent MLAs who withdrew support were disqualified. When central leaders wanted him to quit he went on a show of strength. BJP had to say Yeddyurappa will continue as CM.

Interestingly, 24/11/2010 was a day of twist. Reporters were waiting for the announcement that Yeddyurappa will resign. Instead came the unexpected announcement of Rosaiah’s resignation. By night Kiran Kumar Reddy was selected as chief minister as Andhra Pradesh.

Schools and leather shoes

There is a proposal to do away with leather schools for students in schools and replace them with canvas shoes. It is said the leather shoes are environmentally hazardous, unhealthy and an uncomfortable vestige of colonialism.
There is no reliable data to show how much the leather shoes are environmentally hazardous and unhealthy.
English-medium education is a vestige of colonialism. Before that education was in Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic.
Why canvas shoes? Why not sandals or slippers? Why not allow students to come bare foot? In many villages students go to school bare foot.
HRD Ministry wrote to school boards to know their views and CBSE board came up with many complaints against canvas shoes. I refer to two of them.

1) Tanneries are hubs for dermatitis and other diseases which affect workers.

Without demand for leather shoes the tanneries will be shut. Workers will lose jobs. Will the factories where canvas shoes are made employ them?

2) Making of leather shoes involves cruelty to animals.

Leather is extracted from dead animals. Where is the question of cruelty?
IPCC had come out with a report about global warming and climate change. Many things mentioned in the report were found to be wrong.
Is the canvas shoe manufacturers lobby in touch with school boards?
Maneka Gandhi is behind the move to replace leather shoes with canvas shoes. Will Sonia Gandhi be pleased with Kapil Sibal if he agrees to the proposal of Maneka Gandhi?
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National Advisory Council is unnecessary

National Advisory Council is back with Sonia Gandhi as chairperson holding the rank of Cabinet Minister. In effect she will be Super Prime Minister.

Sonia Gandhi was chairperson of National Advisory Council after UPA came to power in 2004 and she had to resign in 2006 following office of profit controversy. Congress had targeted Jaya Bachchan for office of profit and had her disqualified. Then Sonia Gandhi’s post came under scrutiny. After resignation as chairperson and MP Sonia Gandhi contested the election and became MP again. Law was amended to exempt 56 posts as offices of profit. President APJ Abdul Kalam had returned the bill to Parliament for reconsideration. Parliament had passed it again but Sonia Gandhi did not become the chairperson. National Advisory Council lost its importance and after two years ceased to exist. Now National Advisory Council is revived.

MPs can become members of National Advisory Council but they cannot draw any perk, allowance or remuneration from the Council other than compensatory allowance. It is possible that rules will change in future and MPs will be allowed to draw perk, allowance or remuneration from the Council.

If Sonia Gandhi wants to exercise power she should become Prime Minister. National Advisory Council is not necessary. Decisions should be taken by the cabinet. National Advisory Council is not a constitutional body. Its advice will mean order.

If Congress thinks L. K. Advani’s position as Deputy Prime Minister was unconstitutional and therefore a justification for National Advisory Council it should remember Vallabhbhai Patel and Morarji Desai who were Deputy Prime Ministers in Congress governments. In Maharashtra the Congress-NCP government has a Deputy Chief Minister.

Over the years many posts have been taken out of purview of office of profit. This must stop and be reversed.

The good that is said to have happened due to the Council should have happened through cabinet. Right to Information Act is said to have been drafted by the Council. NGOs and others who have ideas for good governance should take them to ministers.

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