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Women and Gender Justice

Women are equal to men. Legal position regarding women differs from country to country.

If the law discriminates against women it is for women to fight against such law.

Every person is known by name. Gender Justice has to begin with name. A married man does not change his name. In many societies women change their names and/or surnames after marriage. Women must retain their maiden names after marriage.

Any law that allows a man to have two or more wives is discriminatory to women.

Gender justice is not achieved by privileges. Women should not ask for reservations in legislatures. Women who are capable do not need reservations. Reservations in panchayats and urban bodies has led to proxy rule in many places.

Many crimes take place against women and women commit crimes against other women. In dowry deaths it is the mother-in-law who plays a lead role. Female foeticide and female infanticide can not take place without the abetment by women.

Gender justice has to be achieved by women. Actions speak louder than words. It can not be achieved by women who marry married men.

Having more policewomen and more women judges is not the solution. One woman judge in Bombay sentenced a 45 year old woman for having sex with a male who was less than 18 years and let off men who raped lightly. She had to be transferred.

Gender justice means women will not be put to disadvantage because of their sex. Gender justice means woman is able to have education. Woman is free to choose her profession. In many countries there are laws against women. Those laws must go.

TRAI and reverification

TRAI has ordered reverification of customer data of all telephone companies. This is unnecessary and a problem for customers. This is similar to security check of every commuter at Churchgate station. It caused lot of inconvenience to people.

Reverification has caused hardships to people. People had to submit documents again. Leave has to be taken. The exercise of reverification should be abandoned.