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Abolish reservations

In a previous blog I had written “If people in favour of reservations come to streets, people opposed to reservations can also come to streets.”
The clash between Gujjars and Meenas testifes this. Gujjars are OBCs in Rajasthan. They want to be included in STs. Meenas do not want to Gujjars to be included in STs. Gujjars began a violent stir. Violence spread outside Rajasthan. Meenas are responding with violence. Gujjars and Meenas have become enemies.
BJP leaders should not have promised ST status to Gujjars. The events are a lesson to politicians who make promises they do not intend to keep or can not keep.
Inclusion of Jats in OBCs affected Gujjars. Splitting the OBC seats between Gujjars and Jats will infuriate Jats.
In Punjab, Sikhs had roamed the streets with swords in their hands. No action was taken against them. This emboldened the Gujjars.
People have no right to block highways and remove railways tracks. Rajasthan has BJP Government. UPA Government is at the Centre. Law and order is a state subject. Rajasthan Government should act tough. Wherever necessary it should seek Centre’s assistance. Both should join together in enforcing law and order. Those who are blocking highways should be removed. Those who removed railway tracks must be arrested. UP, Haryana and Delhi also must act tough with violent agitators.
Reservations for SCs, STs, OBCs, EBCs and other groups should be abolished. There should be no new reservations, including for those who are poor. Reservations for poor will result in corruption and fake certificates. All political parties must come together and move fast. If necessary, India should have a new constitution.


Right is right even though nobody is right. Wrong is wrong even though everybody is wrong.

If Parliament passes a law that is unjust it does not become right.

In Delhi and many other cities students had opposed reservations. It is likely that in future political parties opposed to reservations will come up.

Karunanidhi has come out against the Supreme Court in the matter of OBC reservations in IIMs and IITs saying three people cannot decide about one billion people. He has threatened agitations.

It is the responsibility of the State Government to maintain law and order. As head of the Government if he does not maintain law and order he abdicates his responsibility. It is wrong for anyone to declare bandh, more so for a Government meant to maintain law and order.

If Karunanidhi can go against the judiciary, so can others. The judgment of Cauvery Waters Tribunal will not be honoured by Karnataka. If Tamilians are discriminated against in Karnataka, the directions of judiciary against discrimination will not be honoured.

Karunanidhi is opposed to Hindi being the sole official language of India even though majority was in favour of it. He said that in that case crow which is ubiquitous be made the national bird instead of peacock.

Backward reservations have kept Tamil Nadu backward. If the population growth rate is low compared to many other states it is because many Tamilians have migrated to other states.

Arjun Singh needs to be sacked. His attempts to dislodge Narasimha Rao failed and he had to leave the party. Manmohan Singh was close to Narasimha Rao. He knows what to do with Arjun Singh but he is not the party president.

If people in favour of reservations come to streets, people opposed to reservations can also come to streets.

Caste system is a cancer

Caste system is a cancer. It needs to be got rid of. It has damaged Hindu community. With spread of education and urbanization caste system should have disappeared. Reservations based on caste kept the caste identity going.

It was wrong to have reservations. The constitution of India proposed reservations for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for 10 years. They would have lapsed on 26/10/1960. They have been extended every ten years. Many other castes got reservations as socially and educationally backward classes due to an amendment to the Constitution.

Hinduism is the only religion to have caste system. Reservations to Scheduled Castes should have been confined to Hindus. They were extended to Sikhs and later on to Buddhists. Now there is a demand to include Muslims.

There are attempts to introduce reservations in places, which were so far exempt from reservations like IIMs, IITs, security forces and judiciary. This should be resisted. Some want to introduce reservations in private sector. Private sector people should reject the proposal.

Hindus thought in caste terms rather than as Indians. For people of many castes it did not matter who ruled. This facilitated aggressors who conquered India. Arabs, Turks and Mughals conquered Indian territories. Later British conquered India with the help of Indians. Even during the heyday of British Empire the number of British in India was not more than 2,00,000. This included women and children. British India included Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Penang, Singapore and Aden.

Caste system should be abolished. Otherwise it will fragment all communities in India and destroy the country.