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National Advisory Council is unnecessary

National Advisory Council is back with Sonia Gandhi as chairperson holding the rank of Cabinet Minister. In effect she will be Super Prime Minister.

Sonia Gandhi was chairperson of National Advisory Council after UPA came to power in 2004 and she had to resign in 2006 following office of profit controversy. Congress had targeted Jaya Bachchan for office of profit and had her disqualified. Then Sonia Gandhi’s post came under scrutiny. After resignation as chairperson and MP Sonia Gandhi contested the election and became MP again. Law was amended to exempt 56 posts as offices of profit. President APJ Abdul Kalam had returned the bill to Parliament for reconsideration. Parliament had passed it again but Sonia Gandhi did not become the chairperson. National Advisory Council lost its importance and after two years ceased to exist. Now National Advisory Council is revived.

MPs can become members of National Advisory Council but they cannot draw any perk, allowance or remuneration from the Council other than compensatory allowance. It is possible that rules will change in future and MPs will be allowed to draw perk, allowance or remuneration from the Council.

If Sonia Gandhi wants to exercise power she should become Prime Minister. National Advisory Council is not necessary. Decisions should be taken by the cabinet. National Advisory Council is not a constitutional body. Its advice will mean order.

If Congress thinks L. K. Advani’s position as Deputy Prime Minister was unconstitutional and therefore a justification for National Advisory Council it should remember Vallabhbhai Patel and Morarji Desai who were Deputy Prime Ministers in Congress governments. In Maharashtra the Congress-NCP government has a Deputy Chief Minister.

Over the years many posts have been taken out of purview of office of profit. This must stop and be reversed.

The good that is said to have happened due to the Council should have happened through cabinet. Right to Information Act is said to have been drafted by the Council. NGOs and others who have ideas for good governance should take them to ministers.

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Reservation for women in legislatures is wrong

Women’s Reservation Bill is in news again. UPA Government wants to pass it. One third of seats in Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies are up for reservations for women.

Very few have opposed reservations for women in legislatures. Some want the reservation to be 20% instead of 33%. Some want reservation for women of backward classes in 33%. Some want it to be obligatory for political parties to give 33% or 40% tickets to women.

Women are free to contest 100% of seats. Sonia Gandhi, Mayawati, Mamata Banerjee and Jayalalitha head political parties. India has a woman president and a woman Lok Sabha speaker. In 1966 a woman became the prime minister of India.

Women form 50% of the population and so they should have reservations in legislatures is not a valid argument. In some fields percentage of women is more than men. Most of the primary schools teachers, telephone operators and receptionists are women. In some fields men are more than women. Drivers of trucks, taxis and autorickshaws are mostly men. In some fields percentage of men and women is same. Number of men and women TV newsreaders in almost equal.

The constitution of India guarantees equality. Reserving seats is against equality. Many people want to be seen politically correct and do not publicly oppose reservations. If women constitute around 10% of legislatures because many women have not voted for women candidates. Mostly votes are cast for political parties. Women do not vote for a woman just because she is a woman.

Political parties give tickets on the basis of winnability. The women who have chance of winning are given tickets. Some women contest as independents. Reserving seats means those who could not have made it are allowed to make it and those who could have made it are not allowed to make it.

Reservations once come into effect do not go away. They continue and expand. Reservations for SCs and STs were meant for 10 years. They got expanded to 60 years with no sign of ending. OBC reservations got added. There is a competition to be backward. Those who are backward want ST status.

Women’s Reservation Bill is presently for 15 years with rotating constituencies. If passed, it is unlikely that reservations will end after 15 years. Extensions can be expected.

Reservations for women in local bodies and city buses must come to an end. Income Tax exemption limit should be same for men and women. Reservations for SCs, STs and OBCs must come to an end. UPA Government must scrap the Women’s Reservation Bill. Otherwise those who are not part of UPA should oppose the bill.

Candidate for Prime Minister III

As days pass it appears my chance of becoming PM is becoming brighter.

UPA, NDA and Third Front having 181 seats each in Lok Sabha is a probability. In Third Front I include Samajwadi Party, RJD and LJP. Though these three parties are with UPA they have no poll understanding.

Sonia Gandhi is wrong about justice and equality in Rama Rajya. Sita was sent to forest for no fault of hers. Shambooka, a Dalit, was killed because someone said the death of a Brahmin child was due to Shambooka doing tapasya. Many years ago there used to be El TV. Rajeev Shukla interviewed Ram Vilas Paswan in Ru-ba-ru. When Rajeev Shukla told Ram Vilas Paswan about Gandhi’s vision of Rama Rajya Ram Vilas Paswan said “I don’t want Rama Rajya. If there is Rama Rajya Shambooka will be killed. I do not want Shambooka to be killed.”

L. K. Advani talks about bringing money from Swiss banks. When BJP was in power he did not get in back. He does not talk about black money in India. Some months back, as per newspaper reports, two crores rupees disappeared from BJP office in Delhi. No police complaint was made because it was black money.

I have a dream of India being the number one country in the world. A country where all have good food, clothing and shelter. All get education. Crime is rare and swiftly dealt with till it becomes free from crime. Justice is fast. All are happy.