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2006 The Year That Was

The year 2006 was witness to many events. Some of them were unprecedented. I mention some events.

Publishing of cartoons about Mohammed in a Danish newspaper caused riots in many countries. Newspapers in some countries reprinted the cartoons. No newspaper in India reprinted them. TV channels did not show them in full. Danish flags were burnt.

Sania Mirza’s rank slipped to 70. In 2005 it had gone up to 31.

Pope Benedict XVI’s quotation of a Byzantine Emperor in his Regensburg speech caused protests. The pope apologized for the hurt it caused. His tour to Turkey was in jeopardy. It took place. The pope prayed at Blue Mosque.

There was train blasts in Bombay on 11/7/2006.

Pluto was declared a dwarf planet on 24/8/2006. Later its name was changed.

Montenegro separated from Serbia. Serbia became a landlocked country.

India lost the Test Series against Pakistan and won ODI series. The series against England ended in a draw as India were all out for 100 in the second innings of the last Test. India after winning the first ODI against West Indies lost the next four. It won the Test Series 1-0. This victory on West Indies soil was achieved after 35 years. India lost the subsequent ODI series. In Champions Trophy it did not reach the semi finals. India won the first Test against S. Africa in S. Africa for the first time. Irfan Pathan was sent back for poor form during the series, a first in Indian cricket. His batting was the best in the team. He was used as a batsman several times. He had opened the innings. Suddenly team management wanted him to take wickets and that only was considered. Form of Virender Sehwag and Wasim Jaffer was worse than him. They were not sent back after losing the second Test.

The judgment in Bombay Bomb Blasts Case 1993 was delivered in instalments. It began on 10/9/2006 and ended on 4/12/2006. Many of the convicts are out on bail. Quantum of the punishment is to be decided.

The trial court judgment in Jessica Lall case acquitting the guilty shocked the nation. There was demand for reinvestigation and retrial. This also brought into focus Priyadarshini Mattoo case where the judge had acquitted Santosh Singh of rape and murder even though he knew he had committed the cirme. Delhi High Court awarded death sentence to Santosh Singh and life sentence to Manu Sharma.

Nepal ceased to be a Hindu Kingdom. King became a figurehead.

The pope gave up the title `Patriarch of the West’.

Military took over in Fiji.
Share Warne became the first player to take 700 Test wickets.

Alexander Litvienko died of polonium poisoning.

Saddam Hussein was hanged on 30/12/2006.

Letter to Pope Benedict XVI

English: Pope Benedict XVI during general audition

Pope Benedict XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Your Holiness,

This is my first communication to you. I hope you are in good health. I have a few suggestions to make.

1) The number of banns to be read before marriage is reduced to two. I wish it to be restored to three. The banns should be read during all masses on Sundays and not just one mass.

2) Sunday obligation should be for attending masses on Sunday only. Concession given for attending masses on Saturday evenings should be discontinued.

3) There shall be no marriage by proxy. Marriage shall not be kept secret once it takes place.

4) One territory, one rite, one jurisdiction shall be followed. At present where there are territories with two or more rites new rites shall not be allowed.

5) Night masses for Christmas, New Year and Easter shall not begin before midnight. Easter vigil shall not begin before 11.00 p.m. on Holy Saturday or later if the number of readings is less than nine.

6) In Breviary one day shall have one evening prayer. Presently Sundays and some Feast days have two evening prayers and Saturdays and some days do not have evening prayers. This is illogical.

7) There have been too many scandals involving priests. In USA priests had sex with boys. Time has come to have married clergy. If you do not desire do allow priests to marry, permanent deacons can be ordained priests.

8) Dress code for cardinals and bishops that existed before 1969 should be restored.

9) Your Holiness should have coronation with tiara.

10) No appointment of cardinals till the number comes down to 120 and then allowing all cardinals to vote. At present out of 120 cardinals eligible to vote 60 are from Europe. Latin America, especially Brazil, should have more cardinals.

11) Assuming again the title of “Patriarch of the West”. Giving up the title held for 15 centuries makes many of us sad and it does not serve any purpose. On the contrary it offends Orthodox Patriarchs.

That is all for now.

Yours respectfully,
Vincent Augustine D’Souza