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Gujjars, reservations and violence

Since some days Gujjars have blockaded railway routes to have reservations in ST category. They are in OBC category. They want to move to ST category because Jats were added to OBC category. Meenas are opposed to Gujjars being given ST status. The violent agitation has resulted in many deaths. There are other losses as well. On 29/5/2008 Delhi was blockaded for some time. There is competition to be backward. Many want OBC status and those in OBC status want ST status. This means all people will be SC/ST. Very few have said they don’t want reservations. One of them was a minister in Madhya Pradesh Government. Reservations are wrong. They should be abolished. It is time for all political parties to take a stand against reservations. If the leaders think they can please everyone they are mistaken. There is nothing to be gained by continuing reservations. There is everything to lose by continuing reservations. People stop thinking that they are Indians but think they are Jats, Gujjars, Meenas etc. The country will be break up. Community will be against community. The time has come to untie the Gordian knot.