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Surrender is not maturity

After the government of Orissa surrendered to the demands of Maoists for release of a collector and an engineer BJD MP Jay Panda said the government acted with maturity. Maturity is a word overused and misused by journalists and politicians. Surrender is not maturity.

The state government abdicated its responsibility when it agreed to negotiate with criminals and accepted their demands. This makes mockery of the rule of law.

The risk of losing lives of hostages needs to be taken. If criminals kill hostages they are guilty of murder and they shall be caught dead or alive. If caught alive they shall be hanged after due process of law.
In 1972 Israel did not surrender to Black September when they abducted Israeli athletes in Munch. Israeli athletes died. Israel tracked down Black September members and killed them.

In 1972 Israel did not surrender when an aeroplane having Israeli passengers was hijacked and taken to Entebbe. It rescued hostages.

During the hearing of Binayak Sen’s bail application some EU observers had come to watch the proceedings. It is time for India to return the compliments. Indian observers should watch proceedings in some trials in EU countries. Trial of Julian Assange can be a good beginning.

Death of Lucas Tete

On 2/9/2010 TV channels reported that Maoists had murdered Abhay Prasad Yadav. On 3/9/2010 the body of the dead person was identified as that of Lucas Tete.

Bihar’s police had an encounter with Maoists on 29/8/2010 which resulted in the death of eight policemen and capture of four policemen by Maoists. It is not known how they were captured. Perhaps they ran out ammunition. Perhaps they got separated from their colleagues. Perhaps someone betrayed them. Policemen fighting gunbattles should have protective gear from head to soles. They should have bulletproof helmet, visor, armour, trousers and shoes.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is responsible for Lucas Tete’s death. He did not join central government and governments of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal in fight against Maoists. He did not order police operations against Maoists in Bihar. He spoke of development. He did not want speedy trial of Maoists in jail.

ERF, CRPF and other policemen got killed in West Bengal, Jharkhand and other states. Nitish Kumar was complacent. He did not prepare for Maoist attacks. In other states there were actions against Maoists. It became difficult for them. Bihar was easy.

CRPF men wanted 24 hours notice to take part in operation against Maoists. That saved them from being killed or captured.

Maoists wanted release of eight prisoners in exchange for release of four policemen. They set deadlines and killed one. There are further deadlines for the remaining policemen.

Nitish Kumar said he is helpless. In that case he should quit and let someone takeover and do the job. Maoists should be told for every policeman you murder we will hang two Maoists.

India should have a policy of no negotiation with terrorists. That will put an end to abductions, hijackings and kidnappings for the purpose of releasing prisoners.

Swami Agnivesh has lost his credibility by supporting the Maoist demand. He has condemned the killing of policeman but did not say Maoists should release the policemen unconditionally. Other Maoist supporters did not have credibility.