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Death to terrorist

On 6/5/2010 special sessions judge M. L. Tahaliyani sentenced Ajmal Kasab to death on five counts. People in general expected death penalty and were happy at the judgment. Public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam was on all channels.
The death penalty has to be confirmed by the High Court. Thereafter it can be challenged in the Supreme Court. After that mercy petition can be filed. Pratibha Patil does not want to reject any mercy petition and with her as president there is no hope of Ajmal Kasab being put to death.
As of now mercy petitions are decided on a monthly basis, one case at a time. Home Ministry advised rejection of two mercy petitions. Pratibha Patil did not do that. It may take more than two years to dispose of the present pending cases.
K. R. Narayanan did not clear any file regarding mercy petitions when he was President. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam decided on two mercy petitions: one he rejected, another he commuted.
Congress blames BJP for pending mercy petitions during 1998-2004. Congress came to power in 2004. What did it do till 2009? Why one case per month? Why cann’t all petitions be rejected at once?
TV channels should be careful about the words they use. Referring to criminals who plan and carry out terrorist acts as generals and foot soldiers is wrong. Getting someone to talk against death penalty is out of place.
One person whose wife was murdered during 26/11 terrorist attack said he had moved on. His wife was killed in Taj Mahal Hotel. The terrorist who killed his wife was killed by commandos. I wonder whether the feeling would have been the same if the terrorist who killed his wife was alive.
India has witnessed many terror attacks. More people died in 11/7 railway blasts than in 26/11 attack. Not much is known about the accused and when the trial will take place.
There are reports of RSS men being involved in Ajmer and other blasts. Hope politics will not overshadow trials.
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26/11 Judgment

On 3/5/2010 special sessions judge M. L. Tahaliyani declared Ajmal Kasab guilty of 86 charges of 26/11 attack. Sentencing to follow later. Two other accused, Fahim Ansari and Sabahuddin Ahmed, were acquitted.
The judgment could have come early if the chargesheet against Ajmal Kasab was restricted to the crimes he committed instead of it being a chargesheet including all crimes connected to 26/11. Nine terrorists connected to 26/11 were dead, the conspirators were in Pakistan and Pakistan was not willing to hand over them to India. Having a chargesheet over 10,000 pages and examining witnesses not connected to Ajmal Kasab’s crimes prolonged the trial. There could have been separate chargesheets for different crimes of 26/11 attack.
Trials for terrorism and waging war against the state should be different from other trial. The state should not provide the lawyers. The accused should hire the lawyers themselves. If the accused are unable to hire lawyers trials should proceed without defence lawyers.
Sentencing should take place at the time of judgment. There is no need of further arguments about the quantum of punishment.
Phone tapping proved helpful during 26/11 attack.
Reporters covering the judgment had to pass three rings of security. They were in the court by 10.30 a.m. The judge came to the court at 12.10 p.m. Till 2.35 p.m. there was no idea what was going on in the court. As per reports reading of charges took time. Soon after 2.35 p.m. reporters came out and described what had happened.
Live telecast of judgments should be allowed. People will be able to watch of TV. It will save time spent on security arrangements. Reporters can have lunch on time.
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