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New constitution for India

India is in need of a new constitution. The problems faced by India are plenty and they cannot be solved by amendments.

1) India should be a federation. The boundaries of states must be fixed after considering all demands for new states and border disputes. At present there are demands for Telangana, Gorkhaland, Harit Pradesh, Bundelkhand, Rohilkhand, Mithilanchal, Poorvanchal, Coorg, Kutch, Meru Pradesh and Bodoland. There are disputes about Belgaum and Kasargod. Every state should have its own capital. One city cannot be capital of two or more states.

2) India should have presidential system of democracy. President must be elected by MPs and Governors must be elected by MLAs. Parliamentary system is good when there is two party system. India has many parties and coalition governments at centre and states do not function effectively. Even price rise is blamed on coalition.

3) Parliament must be single house. States should have only Legislative Assemblies, not Legislative Councils.

4) States should have more powers. All powers except civil and penal codes, currency, communications, defence and external affairs may be given to states.

5) Right to property shall be a fundamental right. Farmers and others who do not want to sell their land or property to SEZs or companies should be able to hold on to their land and property and there shall be no acquisition by state.

6) There shall be no reservation on the basis of class, caste, tribe or gender in government jobs, government educational institutions, Parliament, Legislative Assemblies, urban, rural and other local bodies.

7) Supreme Court judges shall be appointed by President after approval by Parliament and High Court judges shall be shall be appointed by Governor after approval by Legislative Assemblies. Removal of Supreme Court judges shall be by Parliament and High Court judges shall be by Legislative Assemblies.

8) Constitutional amendments must be approved by three fourths of Legislative Assemblies.

India will soon complete 61 years as a republic. What was good in 1950 is not good in 2011 in spite of repeated amendments, many of which were unnecessary.

Indian democracy is a joke

There is more to democracy than elections. In democracy all are equal. What happens in India is what George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm.

In India some are more equal than others. They have reservations in government educational institutions, government jobs, rural and urban bodies, Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies. Students in general category who have 92% marks do not get seats but in reserved category get seats with 45% marks. The reservations were meant for 10 years but continue after 60 years and more categories are added. People who are pampered claim they need empowerment.

When something needs to be done for equality no effort is made. Law allows Muslim men to have four wives. Champions of women’s equality have done nothing against it. Married men who are no Muslims have become Muslims to enter into second marriage without divorce.

Law does not allow Hindu men to have two or more wives at the same time. Some Hindu men have entered into second marriage without divorcing first wife. Sometimes women who marry married men and men who commit bigamy join political parties and become MPs.

Reservations are supposed to be within 50% but there are exceptions but all seats can not be reserved and in Nagaland 59 of 60 Legislative Assembly seats are reserved.

Those who lose Lok Sabha elections become ministers and get elected to Rajya Sabha.
SC panel has said Public Distribution System is corrupt.

In Rajasthan on a particular day child marriages take place. TV channels report the events. No action is taken against people responsible for child marriages and people who in authority do not prevent such marriages.

Female infanticides take place in a district in Rajasthan. To prevent it government declared Rs.1,800/- for every female born. Parents have taken the money for females born and then murdered those babies. The murderers are not punished.

In some places panchayats tell married couples that they can not live as husband and wife. Sometimes panchayats have murdered couples. No action is taken against guilty persons.
Freedom of speech and expression is curtailed not because what is said is wrong but because some people get offended and resort to violence.

Constitution is violated. Sessions are extended to next year. The Presidents have failed to defend the constitution. Article 87 lays down that the Parliament’s first session of a year had to begin with President’s address. Once Lok Sabha’s winter session was adjourned in December and not prorogued. Parliament meets for budget session in February. In this case it was extension of winter session for Lok Sabha. The President who has the duty to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution did nothing. Similar things happen regarding Legislative Assemblies.

As per Article 356 President’s Rule in a state has to end after one year. Once it ends a new government has to be formed. In one case President’s Rule was revoked, Legislative Assembly was constituted and again President’s Rule was imposed in a single day.

Victims do not get justice. Rarely someone who commits crimes during riots is punished. Rule of law does not prevail. When a big tree falls the earth shakes was a statement made by a prime minister.
FTV not available from 7 p.m. March 12, 2010 to 7 p.m. March 21, 2010 due to I & B Ministry prohibition order. No channel is banned for glorifying child marriage or bigamy. Adult films are banned.
No action is taken against people who call for murder or mutilation of someone.

Hijackers and abductors have their way. Criminals in prisons are released as per their demand.
Many times India is a mobocracy and quotocracy.

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