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Haryana Burning

India continues to pay a price for persisting with reservations.

Jats in Haryana want OBC status. They have resorted to arson, looting and vandalism. They have threatened to disrupt Commonwealth Games if their demand is not met. Trucks and buses have been set on fire. Hissar railway station has been set on fire. Transportation disrupted. Banks looted.

Jats in Rajasthan got OBC status. Then Gujjars in Rajasthan who were OBCs wanted ST status and resorted to violence. Meenas opposed ST status to Gujjars.

It seems rule of law has no meaning in Haryana. Khap panchayats murder people and government does nothing. Haryana chief minister Bhoopinder Singh Hooda’s surrender to violence is shameful. He has said the damage to government and private property is done by anti-social elements instead of holding leaders of Jat Aarakshan Sangharsh Samiti responsible for damage.

Central government must untie the Gordian knot of reservations. It must abolish reservations in legislatures, local bodies, government jobs and government educational institutions. That will put an end to become EBCs, OBCs, SCs and STs. Those who damage property must be made to pay for it. Policemen who do their duty should be not punished. The situation demands bold action.

Government and Imams

On 21/8/2010 in Lok Sabha there was a demand from Laloo Prasad Yadav and some MPs that the government pay salaries to imams of government-aided mosques on the basis of Supreme Court verdict in 1993. It is not known how this verdict came about. Laloo Prasad Yadav did not raise the issue when he was Railway Minister and member of UPA. Bihar elections are coming near and that may be the reason for raising the issue.

It is not for the government to give aid to mosques or pay salary to imams. Religious leaders should be supported by their respective communities. If imams are paid salaries by the government there will be demand for payment of salaries to priests of Hindu temples. Other communities may also demand similar treatment.

If a mosque is owned by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and an imam voluntarily serves there or allowed to serve there he is not entitled to salary. ASI owns some mosques due to their historical importance. They are generally parts of tourist places.

Suitable law must be passed and steps be taken so that the government does not aid mosques and pay salaries to imams. Options of review and petitions should be considered.

End of India?

USSR was a superpower. It split into 15 countries in 1991.

What was once Yugoslavia is now seven countries.

India can end up like USSR and Yugoslavia.

Large parts of India are not under government control. There is trouble in Kashmir. Different groups extort money in North-East. They call it taxes. Muivah who wants sovereignty for Nagalim is given z plus security. Many districts are under Naxal control. Separatists are active in Punjab.

CRPF men have died repeatedly in Chhattisgarh. Paramilitary forces are unable to tackle Naxal menace.

Central government is unable to take a firm stand. It agreed to statehood for Telangana. When MPs and MLAs from other parts of Andhra Pradesh objected and resigned it went back on its word and appointed a commission. The problem of Telangana is not solved and occasionally there are violent incidents.

Those who cut off water supply were not punished. They got an assurance that their grievance will be looked into.

Since 1989 elections no party had absolute majority in Lok Sabha. That had resulted in weak governments. For strong governments India has to switch over to presidential system.

If India has to remain one country there is need to deal firmly with people who want sovereignty for some region and who indulge in blockades. Reservations in government jobs, institutions and legislatures are to be abolished.

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