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Kashmir Burning

Three months back Kashmir was peaceful. There were not many reports in TV news channels about Kashmir. A minister told TV news channels to report good things that happen in Kashmir. After that Kashmir changed.

After three months of violence there was all-party meeting in Delhi on 15/9/2010. It decided to send an all-party delegation to Kashmir.

AFSPA is a contentious issue. Some want to dilute it. Army is against dilution. Army is called when state police and paramilitary forces fail to control the situation. There was talk of withdrawing AFSPA from four districts of J&K. Increased violence made it impossible.

NC wants autonomy for Jammu & Kashmir. BJP is opposed to autonomy. Congress has not taken any stand.

Some want legitimate aspirations of Kashmiris be addressed and unconditional talks. Some Kashmiris want independence. Is that a legitimate aspiration? It is India’s size that has deterred Western countries from meddling in Kashmir. We know what they did in Serbia and how Kosovo came about. In BBC’s hardtalk the anchor who questioned Serbia’s foreign minister was arrogant. She said big countries like USA, UK and France have recognised Kosovo and Serbia is in the company of countries like Iran and Azerbaijan. She did not mention Russia, China, India and Brazil which have not recognised Kosovo. Around two thirds of the countries have not recognised Kosovo. China is showing interest in Kashmir. It did not issue visa to a Lt. Gen. who serves in Kashmir. Some Kashmiris want Pakistan to be invited for talks. Kashmiri Pandits have been out of Kashmir for two decades. What about their legitimate aspirations? People of Ladakh and Jammu do not want to separate from India. Many people in Leh lost their houses in a flood. Sufficient attention is not paid to them.

There are leaders in Kashmir who are behind protests and violence. They tell Kashmiris to boycott schools and colleges while their children study outside the state, some in foreign countries. When protestors engage in stone pelting and arson security forces can not be mute spectators. Policemen who do not do their duty should be punished.

In the past many crimes in Kashmir have gone unpunished. It is time to start the process and punish the guilty.

Punishment has to be there for people who rigged 1987 elections.

People who abducted Rubia Sayeed need to be punished. Tavleen Singh has mentioned Yasin Malik as abductor. The role of a mediator was questionable.

People who abducted Doraiswamy need to be punished.

Those in the army and paramilitary forces who killed civilians and passed them off as terrorists need to be punished.

People who spread rumours and incite people to violence need to be punished.

When trouble makers know the long arm of the law will not fall short in catching them they will desist from criminal activities.

Fall of CBI

On 14 December 2009 Jammu & Kashmir High Court said CBI report is not gospel truth. The report was about Shopian case dealing with rape and murder of two women. The CBI report said there was no rape and murder and deaths were due to drowning and the evidence of rape and murder was fabricated. The people of Kashmir are angry. Previously Kashmir sex scandal case was handed over to CBI and CBI’s record in that case had made the people of Kashmir lose confidence in CBI.

Over the years CBI has lost credibility. In many cases state police did a good job. After the case was handed over to CBI it was disaster. Cases of Aarushi-Hemraj murders, Scarlett Keeling murder and Telgi fake stamp paper cases suffered after they were handed over to CBI. Rajesh Talwar, Aarushi’s father, who was under arrest, was let off by CBI. CBI arrested three persons but did not file chargesheet within 90 days and the three got bail. In Rizwanur Rahman murder case CBI said it was suicide. In Telgi fake stamp paper case the amount of Rs.37,000 crores got reduced to few hundred crore rupees. There was narco test and name(s) of some politician(s) had come out but there was no investigation on that front.

Most of the time CBI is used for cover-up or to harass the opponents of the people in power at Centre.

CBI investigated Jain hawala case under the supervision of the Supreme Court. Nothing came of it. All were ultimately acquitted.

CBI’s stand on Taj corridor case kept changing depending on who was in power at the Centre and in UP and the equation between the two.
People who are fools ask any crimes to be investigated by CBI.

Services team and Srinagar

On 3 November 2009 Services team did not turn up at Srinagar to play Ranji Trophy match against Jammu & Kashmir. This led to an uproar especially from Farooq Abdullah. He questioned when Kashmir is safe for Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram to come and to Sonia Gandhi to address people without bullet proof glass why it is not safe for Services team to play in Srinagar. Ambassadors of 22 countries have come and played golf. Services team would have been provided same level of security. For Farooq Abdullah Services team not playing was a sign of conspiracy not to allow Kashmir to return to normalcy.
BCCI banned Services team for the year. Services team apologised and sought new dates.
The decision not to send Services team was taken on the basis of intelligence reports. Ranji Trophy match is for four days. In Lahore cricketers were attacked. If the people in charge of taking decision about Services team thought it right for Services team not to play in Srinagar it would have been on the basis of sufficient reason.
Everything is not all right in Jammu and Kashmir. Pre-paid mobile service that was prevalent in J&K was banned from 1 November 2009. J&K government asked the centre to reconsider the ban. That shows the situation is not normal. However the reason given for banning pre-paid is not convincing. It is said that for pre-paid connection one document is required and for post-paid three documents are required. In that case the requirement for pre-paid should have been made three documents.
On 4/11/2009 Farooq Abdullah said “I am sure the Centre has taken this extreme step only to make sure the misuse is curbed. It will be curbed soon.”
Same day Chidambaram said “It was a well considered decision of the central government, which was taken after the Union Home Ministry apprised its concern to the government. The decision was taken up keeping in view the security situations and the service providers were also apprised about the decision before the move of banning the pre-paid connections was taken.
The ban on the pre-paid connections was going to stay in Jammu and Kashmir at least for now. However, service providers were working out for alternate arrangements for the same to the people.”
Chidambaram also expressed displeasure at Services team pulling out of Srinagar and promised to see that a match takes place there.
Pre-paid is more important than cricket. If Chidambaram has promised lifting the ban on pre-paid it would have sent a better signal than arranging a cricket match in Srinagar.
Farooq Abdullah should have protested publicly when pre-paid was banned in J&K. If he has protested privately it is immaterial. His criticism of Services team was public.