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Joseph D’Souza R.I.P.

My brother Joseph was born on 10/5/1962. He was fourth among brothers and sisters. He had cleft palate. Some years later he was operated upon. He studied at Adyapady and Bajpe. He got many prizes in sports. He joined Karnataka Polytechnic at Mangalore but after few months he stopped attending and discontinued the course.

He worked at various places. There were long periods when he was unemployed.

He experimented in engineering and technical matters.

He was restless for a long time. Travelled to many places.

He was unsuccessful in love and could not marry.

He had attended our cousin’s daughter Remmy Sequeira’s roce on 8/12/2007. While coming his purse containing Rs.2,500/- was stolen. He had wept.

Joseph had big dreams. He did not save. Spent whatever he earned. Bought books on various subjects. Experimented in engineering and technical matters.

Joseph was a strong man.

Joseph died on 29/12/2007 between 9.20 p.m. and 9.40 p.m. That night it was Nelson’s roce. The programme was on terrace. He took lead in dancing. Many had joined. Suddenly he fell. He was unconscious. Water was sprinkled on him. His hands and feet were rubbed. He was taken to Flat No. 201. Someone said there is pulse beat. I tried his hand. It was cold. Someone said there is heartbeat. Mouth to mouth resuscitation was tried. Mervine lit torch and tested his eyes and said there is reaction. Dr. Ajit Madhavan came. He lit torch and tested his eyes and said he had to be taken to hospital.

We put him in Francis Sequeira’s car. He was placed on middle seats. Lancy sat behind. I wanted to go with him to the hospital and I got in at front. Mervine also wanted to go. I got down and let Mervine go. After sometime somebody said on phone Joseph is on glucose.

Around 11.20 the car returned. Francis said it was all over.

Originally the intention was to have funeral on 31/12/2007. Since Blesilla was coming from Argentina it was postponed to 1/1/2008. Body from morgue reached home at around 3.20. Prayers by priest were at 4.00 p.m. 4.30 funeral mass. The body was brought out of church at 5.05. Jossy’s employer wanted to see the body so it was kept till 5.28. Coffin could not be closed properly and it did not go down fully. Got stuck up due to some bricks which were slightly inside. Coffin was taken out. Bricks were dug. Then coffin was lowered. It was as if Joseph did not want to leave.

May his soul rest in peace.