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Indian Awards

Every year in India at the time of Republic Day, Padma and other awards are announced. Sometimes there are controversies. Many times undeserving people get them.  There is lobbying for these awards. Though these are awards some people use them as titles and add them before names.  To avoid such controversies I suggest more awards.
Dushshasana Award to those who molest women and girls.
Drishtadyumna Award to those who kill in fake encounters.
Yudhishtira Award to those who give misleading statements.
Bheeshma Award to those who abduct women.
Menaka Award to women who trap politicians having sex with prostitutes in a sting operation.
Indian Hand Award to members of Congress.
Indian Lotus Award to members of BJP.
Indian Cycle Award to members of SP and TDP.
Indian Elephant Award to members of BSP.
Similar awards to members of other political parties.
Some awards may be kept for sale. Indian Sun for Rs.100 crores, Indian Moon for Rs.75 crores, Indian Star for Rs.50 crores, Indian Comet for Rs.25 crores and so on.
Apart from these awards some awards may be kept for auction. The highest bidder gets the award. There can be Indian Diamond, Indian Ruby, Indian Topaz, Indian Emerald, Indian Pearl, Indian Coral, Indian Porphyry, Indian Amethyst and so on. The bid will start from Rs.1 crore.
Next in auction are Indian Gold, Indian Silver, Indian Copper, Indian Nickel, Indian Aluminium and so on. The bid will start from Rs.10 lacs.
With such options, those who desire awards will be happy, government will have money and controversies will disappear.
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