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India and Security Council

India wants permanent membership of UN Security Council. Some argue the Security Council reflects the reality of 1945 and it should reflect the reality of 2010. In 1971 Taiwan (Republic of China) was expelled from UN and its seat went to China (People’s Republic of China). In 1991 USSR disintegrated and its seat went to Russia. So the UN Security Council reflects the reality of 1991. In 1945 India was a colony. In 1991 Indian economy was in bad shape. Reality of 2010 means France and UK should not be members of Security Council but nobody is saying that. In 2003 France opposed invasion of Iraq and some Americans wanted France’s seat to go to India.

In 2010 India is a major contender for permanent membership of UN Security Council. Other major contenders are Germany, Japan and Brazil. France, Russia and UK support India. USA says the issue is complicated. China claims Arunachal Pradesh and some other parts of India as its territory.

Italy opposes Germany. Japan has territorial disputes with China and Russia. USA supports Japan. USA will not support Brazil. India alone can not become a member of Security Council. Nigeria and South Africa want to represent Africa in Security Council. All claims are to be considered and China, France, Russia, UK and USA have to agree on new members. That is unlikely for a long time to come.

Barack Obama wants to see India as a member of reformed Security Council. He also wants India to assume greater responsibility in matters of democracy and human rights. He mentioned Iran and Burma. India is a member of Security Council for 2011 and 2012. How India votes on Security Council resolutions will determine USA’s support to India.

India, Germany, Japan and Brazil can found an organization that will rival UN. They can be permanent members in the Security Council of the new organization.

Acts of sedition

Two persons made seditious speeches in Delhi on 21/10/2010 and the central government does not want to prosecute them. The excuse is they don’t want to give them publicity.

P. Chidambaram is good with excuses. Many years back when Shankaracharya of Puri made a statement that should have landed him in jail his excuse was that the Shankaracharya came perilously close to breaking the law.

The countries where rule of law prevails do what is necessary and do not hide behind excuses. Whether someone who has made seditious speech gets publicity or not is immaterial. Law has to take its course. There is equality before law. Whether the person who makes the speech is a politician, legislator or lonely figure is immaterial. People who announce reward for murdering someone don’t get arrested and that makes the target insecure. Such inaction on the part of government made M. F. Hussain give up Indian citizenship.

One speaker is from Kashmir and wants independence for Kashmir. Many young people in Kashmir want independence. If the central government is open to the idea of independence for Kashmir and is ready to let go Kashmir it should say so openly. If it is open to the idea of plebiscite in Jammu & Kashmir it must say so.

Allowing Kashmiris to demand independence will have effects on other parts of India. In every state and union territory demand for independence can crop up.

When some people are not prosecuted for sedition other people follow their example and make such speeches. Tolerating such speeches led to the fall of Kerensky’s government in Russia. That followed many years of communist rule. What happened under Stalin is well known.

Naxals want to overthrow the government. If they succeed they will replicate Cultural Revolution resulting in many killings and destruction.

Shunglu Committee is an eyewash

On 15/10/2010 Shunglu Committee was appointed to probe into Commonwealth Games corruption. It was given 90 days time. Someone said it was cover-up. The corrupt people had two months for cover-up before Commonwealth Games and now they have three months. V. K. Shunglu was a CAG. He is out of country, no idea when he will return, may be after 90 days.

On 23/10/2010 on Big Fight on NDTV 24×7 a panellist said Shunglu Committee is an eyewash. It has no powers. Under what law it is appointed? Can it question Manmohan Singh? Can it question Sonia Gandhi? This is not the time for political correctness. Money has gone all the way to the top. Money has gone to Suresh Kalmadi, Sheila Dikshit, Jaipal Reddy. Money has gone to Manmohan Singh. Money has gone to Sonia Gandhi. A junior engineer will be punished. The panellist said that.

Commonwealth Games are over but OC continues. IOA officials continue in their positions. Nothing has changed. Now IOA officials want to bid for Asian Games 2019 and want approval from Sports Ministry. They say only two new stadia are to be built. When the bidding took place for Commonwealth Games the amount quoted was around 350 crore rupees. It went going up and according to one source around 1,02,000 crore rupees were spent for Commonwealth Games. The amount includes various projects for Delhi but the projects would not have been undertaken if there were no Commonwealth Games. Amount needed for Asian Games will keep going up. Money will be spent on renovation of existing stadia that will be 10 times the amount of building new stadia.

People in the media who should be exposing corruption are not doing their job. One editor defends Suresh Kalmadi. TV channels have not come out with details of thousands of crores of rupees siphoned off. We have details of few lakhs or few crores. Few people’s offices have been raided, one of them Sudhanshu Mittal, a BJP member.

Manmohan Singh is responsible for the files he signed for sanction of funds and escalation. Other ministers are responsible for the files they signed.

Delhi is back to normal after Commonwealth Games. Beggars, street vendors, stray dogs, blue line buses and traffic jams are back. Students were made to vacate hostels to accommodate visitors for Commonwealth Games but there were no visitors.

Someone said investigation into corruption in Asian Games 1982 is going on after 28 years. I had not heard of such investigation and perhaps the person was joking.

Some cite Hong Kong as an example of how corruption can be fought and eradicated. People of Hong Kong came out on streets and protested against corruption saying they will not tolerate corruption any more. Corrupt officials were removed. It will be great if people of India can do that.