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IRI(India Rejuvenation Initiative) and fight against corruption

On 2/4/2010 there was an advertisement in a newspaper about fighting against corruption. I have some questions and comments.

What is meant by ‘top most’ public posts? Do they mean President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Ministers in union cabinet? Does the list include judges of the Supreme Court, IAS and IPS officers, chairman and members of Union Public Service Commission and so on?

Punishment for corruption should be in proportion to the amount. If jail term for corruption of Rs.1 lakh is one year jail term for corruption of Rs.1 crore must be 100 years. For high cases of corruption there should be death penalty. Law must be changed for that.

Candidates for legislative bodies have to declare their assets when they file nomination. Civil servants and others do not have to declare their assets. Did IRI find anything that points to corruption based on the declarations of MPs?

The idea of bringing back black money is mooted by BJP and Baba Ramdev. Who have stashed Rs.70 lakh crores in foreign countries? When Rs.70 lakh crores are brought to India rupee should appreciate. Over the years RBI has printed notes to stop rupee from appreciating. What is IRI’s position on exchange rate of rupee? Successive governments have favoured exporters. Printing notes leads to inflation.

Poverty eradication and creation of world class social and physical infrastructure can be done without recovery of money from foreign countries. Abolish subsidies. Scrap PDS, NREGA and schemes which have corruption. Abolish MPLADS, MLALADS and MLCLADS. Food is rotting in godowns. In some places liquor bottles are stored in FCI godowns and sacks of wheat and rice lie outside. Stop wastage.
What system IRI people have in mind? Do they mean judges and those in anti-corruption bureaus are of no use?

`Corruption in high places’ and `recovery of India’s stolen assets’ are two distinct things. What is the aim of IRI? Is it prevention of corruption in high places or recovery of India’s stolen assets? What about someone who is corrupt and his/her assets are in India?

It is UPA government at the Centre and Congress is the dominant party. Do IRI people think it is becoming fascist? Fascism thrives when law fails to take its course. Corruption has been there in India since independence. May be people did not know about it. The country has not become fascist. Elections take place regularly.

What IRI has to say about corrupt people in state governments and local bodies?

What is IRI’s position on reservations on the basis of caste, tribe, class etc.? There is a competition to backward and extreme backward. Naxal movement is a danger for democracy. Many Naxals want revolution because reservations deprive them chance to get power through ballot so they want it through bullet.

What is IRI’s plan to eradicate corruption in CBI, Public Service Commissions and judiciary?

What is IRI’s stand on former Election Commissioners and Chief Election Commissioners joining political parties, becoming MPs and ministers?

What IRI has to say about Telgi stamp paper case?

What IRI has to say about Madhu Koda case?

What IRI has to say about a former chairman of Public Service Commission who was under investigation? It was said he took Rs.75 lakhs to appoint DSPs and judges. What happened to the people who paid bribes?

IRI people should fight for abolition of taxes, duties, levy, surcharge, cess etc. Most of corruption will disappear.

IRI should fight for right of citizens to prosecute civil servants and for abolition of need of government sanction for prosecuting civil servants.

Those who wish to fight against corruption can contact irinitiative@gmail.com

India Rejuvenation Initiative

India Rejuvenation Initiative