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Colleges and cut offs

It is time for admission to colleges. Delhi University introduced common admission form for its colleges and allowed colleges to fix cut-off percentages. Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) fixed 100% as cut-off percentage. Some have criticised it. P. C. Jain, principal of SRCC, defended it. Science students who do not get admission in SRCC can go to IIT or IIM. Best way to do away with stress is to have no marks, no examinations and no evaluations and have lottery to select students.

Some other colleges had cut-off percentages in the range of 95%-99%. Students who do not get admission in the first list may get admission in subsequent lists.

Some years back it was difficult to score 100 marks. Now with objective type questions it is possible for students to score 100% marks. In any major city good colleges are few and students who want admissions in them are many times more than seats available and hence cut-off percentages are high in such colleges.

The problem in Delhi gets magnified due to media presence. Problems of students in other cities do not get prominence.

If science students with 97% marks or less want to switch to commerce they should go to a college where admission is available instead of demanding they be given admission in place of commerce students who have got 100% marks. Arts and commerce students cannot switch to science. Those who did not study biology in junior college cannot get admission in medical colleges. To get admission to engineering college one should have studied science in junior college. The argument that students are not able to make their minds at junior college level and those who took science in junior college should be able to get admission to B.Com in a college of their choice at a percentage less than that of commerce students is wrong.

The problem of admissions would have been more serious if there had been grade system with students who would have got 91%-100% marks being in A grade. For one seat there may be more than 100 applicants with A grade and rejections could result in riots.

One solution is to have colleges with online classes. Lectures can be webcast and students can attend them at home. Another solution is to have classes in stadia with protection from sun and rain. Students can have swipe cards to mark attendance. Biometric system is better. What lecturer writes on blackboard can be shown on giant screens.

Marital rape is an oxymoron

Some people want law against marital rape which is an oxymoron. Husband and wife belong to each other and they have rights and duties towards each other. A woman who does not want to have sex with her husband should separate from him and file for divorce. If a woman files for divorce the judge shall not ask the woman to reconsider her decision. If the judge asks the woman to reconsider her decision the woman shall stand firm in her resolve for divorce. In one case judge asked the woman to reconsider her decision, the woman went back to her husband, the husband murdered her.

What next after law against marital rape? Law against marital sexual harassment?

In India, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Parsis have personal laws. Other marriages come under Hindu Code or Special Marriages Act. In Roman Catholic Church a ratified and consummated marriage can not be dissolved except by death but annulment is possible on various grounds.

Marriage is for mutual love and procreation and education of children. A woman has no right to say No to sex with her husband unless it is for some particular reason and for specific period like sickness, menstrual cycle, advanced stage of pregnancy or for a certain period after childbirth or sadness due to something like a death in the family or if the husband has a communicable or venereal disease which will result in woman getting the disease. A woman can refuse perverse sexual conduct by husband. A woman can refuse oral or anal sex by husband.

Any man who commits rape must face full punishment as per law. However many times women falsely accuse men of rape. Sometimes married women commit adultery and when caught they say they were raped. Sometimes single women have voluntary sex with men and later they accuse them of rape. If there is law making marital rape an offence it will put husbands at risk.

As per Section 375 of IPC sex between husband and wife is rape if the wife is less than 15 years old. At one time legal age for marriage for woman was 15 years and for man 18 years. In 1978 it was raised to 18 for woman and 21 for men. Section 375 was not amended. In India many child marriages take place. I do not know any instance of a woman who has complained of rape by husband when she was less than 15 years old.

Article 356 for Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a fit case for imposing President’s Rule under article 356 of the constitution.

It is not for students to tell what should be the syllabus. A student tells the university to withdraw a book from the curriculum and vice chancellor obliges within 24 hours using emergency powers which were not used before. The chief minister justifies the withdrawal saying the book contains abusive language. His party’s spokesperson says “It may be his personal opinion but it was not the Chief Minister who ordered the withdrawal of the book. It was not the government’s decision. Mumbai University is autonomous. If anybody is aggrieved by the decision of Mumbai University, they can always take it up with the Senate or the Syndicate or the appropriate forum.”

A TV channel is threatened by a political party that if it does not drop two persons from its reality show it will not be allowed to shoot. Protection is provided by the government for shooting to continue. The political party asks cable operators to block the channel. The channel apologises.

Permission to hold a rally at a ground is granted on the condition that noise level should not exceed 50 decibels. That condition is violated. The leader makes fun of High Court order and says the machines measuring noise will break. Three minor functionaries of the party are being prosecuted but no charge against the leader.

Something is rotten in the state of Maharashtra and if is not set right soon more troubles are ahead.