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Cartoon Controversy

Cartoons are meant to convey a message in a funny way, which may not be pleasing to some. Cartoon depicting Mohammed as terrorist caused widespread anger among Muslims. Muslims had a right to protest and boycott products. Setting fire to embassies and consulates and calling for murder of persons is unacceptable.
Saudi Arabia, Libya and Syria have recalled ambassadors from Denmark. Will they recall ambassadors from every country where these cartoons appeared? What will Iran do?
BBC and CNN did not show the cartoons. Christopher Hutchins (Higgins?) was offended at censorship.
Is it clash of civilizations? Have Muslim extremists hijacked the protests?
GOD TV once showed the cartoons clearly. Next time they were not clear. In his interview with Pat Robertson on 9/2/2006, Thomas Spencer, author of “Politically incorrect guide to Islam” said Mohammed was a man of war and violence. Out of the 78 battles he fought 77 were battles of offence. He got the poets opposed to him killed.
An Iranian newspaper has called for cartoons on holocaust. Denmark is not a Jewish country. Israel is not involved in this controversy. What connects cartoons to Israel is not clear except that it suits Iran.
The issue would not have been so volatile except for an Imam from Denmark who went to the Middle East and provoked people there. Demonstrations in Syria and Iran had state sponsorship.
Indian Government and Congress Party should not get involved in this controversy even though some Muslims demand recall of Indian Ambassador in Denmark and condemnation of cartoons by the Government of India and Sonia Gandhi, President of the Congress Party. This issue has nothing to do with India. Bowing to some Muslims whose followers are limited confers on them larger than life image and creates problems. In Egypt there were no widespread protests due to sinking of Al Salaam in which many people lost their lives.