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Abortion and prostitution

A CNA report dt. 5/2/2008 from Sao Paulo mentions that Bernardete Aparecida Ferreira, co-rdinator of the Ministry for Marginalized Women, which is connected to the Brazilian Bishops’ Conference, has written and distributed a statement in which she defends and promotes abortion.

Bernardete Aparecida Ferreira works with prostitutes. Many times contraceptives are ineffective and prostitutes have to abort. Many have obtained even twenty times each. She asserted, “I am in favour of family planning that is as natural as possible, I agree with the Church in everything but I defend the lives of women.”

She does not agree with the Church in everything. First attempt must be to make the women in prostitution to give up prostitution and take up a profession that is not sinful. Second, if a prostitute is not willing to change she should sterilize herself. That will prevent abortions.

A person whose personal opinion is at variance with the institution he/she represents must either keep it personal or give up the position. Writing and distributing a statement that contradicts the institution is not acceptable. Brazilian Bishops’ Conference must sack her.

I hold the view that no foetus that is the result of marital act should be aborted unless to save mother’s wife. Victims of rape can commit abortion.