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Out of Iraq

On 19/8/2010 last American combat unit left Iraq. Around 50,000 American troops remain in Iraq “to advise and assist” Iraqis.

After seven years and five months of American military presence Iraq is worse than before. American invasion resulted in unnecessary deaths. Christians are targets in many parts of Iraq. Women have less freedom in many parts of Iraq. There is shortage of electricity and water. Corruption is rampant and in some cases 95% of the money has disappeared. Bomb explosions take place in Iraq.

American soldiers abused Iraqi prisoners. Abu Ghraib was one instance of abuse. Some soldiers were punished for abuses but not proportionately.

Some blame faulty intelligence reports for invasion of Iraq but forget or overlook the fact that intelligence agencies prepare or fabricate reports according to the needs of their masters.

When George Bush visited Iraq for the last time an Iraqi journalist threw shoes at him. It began a trend.

Five months after election no government has been formed in Iraq. Instead of democracy there is anarchy. It would have been better if Iraqis had opted for presidential system.

By 2008 Iraqi occupation had become unpopular in USA and Barack Obama’s opposition to war was a major reason for his victory in presidential election.

American military industrialists and contractors made lot of money. Americans have left Iraq worse than before.

WikiLeaks and India

WikiLeaks on 26/7/2010 made public many secret documents dealing with Afghan War. Some of them have relevance to India.

ISI played a role in terrorist activities against Indians. ISI paid the Taliban and Haqqani network to target Indians, Indian Embassy, Indian Consulate in Kandahar and other places. Indians have died. India has suffered loss of property.

It is futile to expect Pakistan to act against ISI or USA to do anything significant. India has to act on its own.

India should file chargesheets in Indian courts relating to attacks on Indians. ISI persons and their collaborators should be named in the chargesheets and should be summoned for interrogations. If they fail to turn up they should be declared persons Wanted Dead or Alive and rewards should be announced for persons who hand over wanted persons dead or alive. Ashfaq Kayani was head of ISI for three years. His term as army chief was to end in November 2010 has been extended by three years which reflects poorly on Pakistani army. Hamid Gul, former chief of ISI, played a role. Their names must be included.

Obama administration claims the documents relate to the period before he became president but he has continued the policy of previous administration. Afghan War is not popular in USA.

The documents show drones used by USA are not effective as they are not made out to be and crash many times. India should develop drones that do not crash.

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Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama

On 9 October 2009 the Nobel Committee announced its decision to award Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama. The announcement shocked people in Oslo who had gathered and they gasped. The spokesman mentioned many reasons for awarding Barack Obama like promoting intenational diplomacy, co-operation among peoples and world free from nuclear arms. Many were surprised and the news when first heard was difficult to believe.

The nominations to award closed on 1st February. Nobody can self-nominate. There are people and committees who can nominate. There were 205 nominations. Barack Obama was not mentioned among probable nominees to win the prize.

Many criticised the award to Barack Obama. Some felt it was too early. It should have been at the end of his term as president. Some questioned his achievements. TV channels held discussions whether Barack Obama should have received this award.

I do not remember TV channels previously holding discussions whether somebody should or should not have received this award. Barack Obama is well known all over the world. Previously there was no such controversy because the recipients were not much known outside their countries.

Some criticism was vicious. Some called the Nobel Committee eccentric. Committee chairman Thorbjorn Jagland said the prize was for what he has done in the previous year. He asked “Who has done more than Barack Obama?”

Barack Obama is the third President of USA to receive the Nobel Peace Prize while in office. Previously Woodrow Wilson (1919) and Theodore Roosevelt (1906) had received the prize.
Few days back Barack Obama was in Copenhagen to appeal to members of International Olympic Committee to award Olympics 2016 to Chicago. The competition between Chicago and Rio de Janeiro was said to be tough and decided in the last round. Contrary to expectations, on 2 October 2009 Chicago was eliminated in the first round. It was an unpleasant shock. A week later Oslo gave Barack Obama a pleasant shock. Denmark and Norway are neighbouring countries.