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Bhopal Blame Game

After the verdict on Bhopal gas leak a blame game has been going on. Most of the time it has been about Warren Anderson. Who let Anderson go? Why was he not extradited? These questions have been discussed ad nauseam. M. K. Rasgotra, then foreign secretary, has spoken. Warren Anderson was given an assurance that he will not be arrested in India. After his arrest USA’s charge de affairs contacted M. K. Rasgotra. M. K. Rasgotra contacted cabinet secretary and home ministry and Anderson was free. Rajiv Gandhi was then foreign minister. Narasimha Rao was then home minister. Both are dead. Arjun Singh, then chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, kept quiet for many days. Then he said he did not release Anderson.
Veerappa Moily blamed judiciary for diluting the charges to traffic accident. Justice Ahmadi and Justice Mazumdar had diluted the charges and rejected the petition and review petition against the same. Now there is talk of filing a curative petition.
When Union Carbide agreed to pay 470 million dollars as compensation in 1989 civil and criminal charges against it were dropped. Was it right to revive criminal charges later?
Congress and BJP have blamed each other regarding various things related to Bhopal gas leak. There is discussion about the liability of Dow Chemicals, successor to Union Carbide. Abishek Singhvi of Congress and Arun Jaitley of BJP were engaged by Dow Chemicals.
There are complaints that the hospital set up for Bhopal victims does not serve them. It is a superspeciality hospital that serves people who pay.
Many people who did not suffer got compensation. They should be asked to return the amount.

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Right is right even though nobody is right. Wrong is wrong even though everybody is wrong.

If Parliament passes a law that is unjust it does not become right.

In Delhi and many other cities students had opposed reservations. It is likely that in future political parties opposed to reservations will come up.

Karunanidhi has come out against the Supreme Court in the matter of OBC reservations in IIMs and IITs saying three people cannot decide about one billion people. He has threatened agitations.

It is the responsibility of the State Government to maintain law and order. As head of the Government if he does not maintain law and order he abdicates his responsibility. It is wrong for anyone to declare bandh, more so for a Government meant to maintain law and order.

If Karunanidhi can go against the judiciary, so can others. The judgment of Cauvery Waters Tribunal will not be honoured by Karnataka. If Tamilians are discriminated against in Karnataka, the directions of judiciary against discrimination will not be honoured.

Karunanidhi is opposed to Hindi being the sole official language of India even though majority was in favour of it. He said that in that case crow which is ubiquitous be made the national bird instead of peacock.

Backward reservations have kept Tamil Nadu backward. If the population growth rate is low compared to many other states it is because many Tamilians have migrated to other states.

Arjun Singh needs to be sacked. His attempts to dislodge Narasimha Rao failed and he had to leave the party. Manmohan Singh was close to Narasimha Rao. He knows what to do with Arjun Singh but he is not the party president.

If people in favour of reservations come to streets, people opposed to reservations can also come to streets.