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ITBP Bill and Maharashtra

Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) has sent a bill for Rs.10.87 crores to Maharashtra government for providing security to Ajmal Kasab for the period from 28 March 2009 to 30 September 2010. Maharashtra government says it does not have the money and has discontinued ITBP protection to Ajmal Kasab.

There was no need to deploy 200 men to guard Ajmal Kasab. The trial was inside the jail. There were other expenses that were unnecessary like constructing a hospital ward for him at the cost of 2 crore rupees which was not used and a tunnel at the cost of 50 lakh rupees which was rarely used.

Ajmal Kasab is a convict sentenced to death and should be treated like other convicts sentenced to death. His appeal is pending in the High Court. After that he may appeal to the Supreme Court and send mercy petition to the president. The cost of keeping him alive upto that time is estimated to be 40 crore rupees.

What happens to the money Maharashtra gets from various taxes? Compared to the tax collection Maharashtra makes 10.87 crores is a small amount and it is laughable that Maharashtra is unable to pay that amount. Law and order is a state subject and Maharashtra should pay the amount. It is not right to refuse payment on the ground that Ajmal Kasab is the responsibility of the whole country and international community is watching us. Ajmal Kasab is not a prisoner of war. We need not worry about international community. Many things happen in the world and international community does nothing.

In future ITBP should raise bills on a monthly basis. That will save them lot of trouble. It is not known why they do not raise bills on a monthly basis. They should also send the bill for the period from 1 October 2010 to the date they discontinued in May 2011 soon to Maharashtra.

Railway Protection Force (RPF) must learn a lesson from what happened to ITBP and raise a bill for Mamata Banerjee’s security with effect from 20/5/2011, the day she became chief minister of West Bengal and took about 80 personnel from RPF for her personal security. RPF is for railways and not meant to provide security to a chief minister.

Murderer is not foot soldier

On 21/2/2011 Bombay High Court confirmed death sentence of Ajmal Kasab for his crimes during 26/11. Many people expressed happiness. Someone said he is a foot soldier and pawn and we have to concentrate or mastermind.

A murderer is neither a foot soldier nor a pawn. He is a criminal. A pawn does not have life. A man has life and he makes choices and should face the consequences.

There may be many criminals behind a crime who are not caught but that does not mean someone who is caught should be let off. Keeping a terrorist alive has the danger of leading to a hijacking or abduction and release of the terrorist.

When a TV channel gives publicity to the view that is soft on terror or terrorist that raises the question whether any lobbyist was behind that. TV channels may claim they want to be objective and give different viewpoints a chance but things are not what they seem. About 18 months back Lockerbie bomber was released from UK. About that time it was said that he had three months to live. The man is alive after 18 months and is expected to live 10 years. BP wanted to business in Libya and Lockerbie bomber was released to facilitate that. UK government was willing to help BP. One doctor gave the necessary certificate. Some journalists argued for the release of the bomber. Justice Secretary of Scotland ordered the release.

Death to terrorist

On 6/5/2010 special sessions judge M. L. Tahaliyani sentenced Ajmal Kasab to death on five counts. People in general expected death penalty and were happy at the judgment. Public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam was on all channels.
The death penalty has to be confirmed by the High Court. Thereafter it can be challenged in the Supreme Court. After that mercy petition can be filed. Pratibha Patil does not want to reject any mercy petition and with her as president there is no hope of Ajmal Kasab being put to death.
As of now mercy petitions are decided on a monthly basis, one case at a time. Home Ministry advised rejection of two mercy petitions. Pratibha Patil did not do that. It may take more than two years to dispose of the present pending cases.
K. R. Narayanan did not clear any file regarding mercy petitions when he was President. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam decided on two mercy petitions: one he rejected, another he commuted.
Congress blames BJP for pending mercy petitions during 1998-2004. Congress came to power in 2004. What did it do till 2009? Why one case per month? Why cann’t all petitions be rejected at once?
TV channels should be careful about the words they use. Referring to criminals who plan and carry out terrorist acts as generals and foot soldiers is wrong. Getting someone to talk against death penalty is out of place.
One person whose wife was murdered during 26/11 terrorist attack said he had moved on. His wife was killed in Taj Mahal Hotel. The terrorist who killed his wife was killed by commandos. I wonder whether the feeling would have been the same if the terrorist who killed his wife was alive.
India has witnessed many terror attacks. More people died in 11/7 railway blasts than in 26/11 attack. Not much is known about the accused and when the trial will take place.
There are reports of RSS men being involved in Ajmer and other blasts. Hope politics will not overshadow trials.
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