France out of Football World Cup 2010

France did not deserve to be in Football World Cup 2010. They qualified due to hand goal by Henry Thierry and Ireland was cheated its rightful place. FIFA does not use TV footage and correct wrong decisions by referees. Ireland had to pay for referee’s mistake.

France made news during World Cup for all the wrong reasons. One player, Nicolas Anelka, had to be sent back for indiscipline. Players refused to train. Director resigned. French coach Raymond Domenech refused to shake hands with South Africa’s coach Carlos Albert Parreira. France drew 0-0 with Uruguay, lost 0-2 to Mexico and 1-2 to South Africa.

There is talk of groupism in French team with players of West African origin, North African origin and local French players forming groups.

After the loss to South Africa French players flew back in standard (economy) class. There is a report that French President Nicolas Sarkozy will hold a cabinet meeting to discuss about the football team.
France had won Football World Cup 1998. They were out in the first round of Football World Cup 2002. France was runner up in Football World Cup 2006. Once again they are out in the first round.

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