Fake gold medals

Olympics is under way. Gold, silver, bronze medals are given to athletes who come first, second, third. However gold medals are fake. They have only 6 grammes gold which is 1.34%. The gold medals have 92.5% silver. The rest is copper or something else.

The last time genuine gold medals were awarded was in 1912. In 1984 I had read that genuine gold medals will be awarded in Los Angeles Olympics but it seems that was not the case. Billions of dollars or euros or pounds or some other currencies are spent in hosting Olympics but in giving gold medals enough money is not spent and fake medals are given.

Gold medals should be genuine or should not be given at all. Silver, copper and nickel medals can be given to athletes who come first, second and third. Olympic medals are considered the ultimate in many sports. It is not proper that fake medals are given.

Hosting of Olympics is a costly affair. There is not much benefit for host countries. Greece hosted Olympics in 2004 and went bankrupt in 2010. The cost can be brought down. Less medals can be given. The events in Olympics can be reduced. Team events like football, hockey, basketball and volleyball can be done away with. In games like badminton and tennis there should be only singles, not doubles and mixed doubles. Events like boxing, judo and karate in which competitors are hurt or knocked down should not be part of Olympics.

Updated: July 28, 2012 — 10:56 am

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