Dress Code

Cardinal Ivan Dias, Archbishop of Bombay, has come out with a circular regarding dress code in churches which is a good thing. Some women oppose it saying it is discriminatory to women. One said if men get excited by looking at women they should be blind folded. I was amused.

What about a dress code for clergy, Your Eminence? Does the clergy wear ecclesiastical dress? Religious priests who do not have a particular dress are to wear the ecclesiastical dress of diocesan clergy? Is it followed? What about prelates? One of your auxiliaries (Agnelo Gracias?) at the time of consecration said his mitre belonged to so and so, his crozier belonged to so and so etc. I felt bad. Bishops, archbishops and cardinals have distinct dresses. Do you dress appropriately Your Eminence? Some years back a cardinal in Mexico was mistaken for a criminal and shot dead. I hope you do not end up like him Your Eminence.


Ban on scenes of smoking

Ban on scenes of smoking is a good idea. Smoking is injurious to health. Artistic freedom does not mean what is injurious to health should be promoted or glorified. Where it is necessary to show scenes of smoking, like in films produced up to now, statutory warning should be shown.

Ban on glorification of crimes and criminals

Glorification of crimes and criminals should be forbidden. TV channels, newspapers and magazines should be banned from publishing or telecasting interviews of criminals wanted and absconding makes a mockery of the nation. It gives respectability to criminals.