Cartoon Controversy

Cartoons are meant to convey a message in a funny way, which may not be pleasing to some. Cartoon depicting Mohammed as terrorist caused widespread anger among Muslims. Muslims had a right to protest and boycott products. Setting fire to embassies and consulates and calling for murder of persons is unacceptable.
Saudi Arabia, Libya and Syria have recalled ambassadors from Denmark. Will they recall ambassadors from every country where these cartoons appeared? What will Iran do?
BBC and CNN did not show the cartoons. Christopher Hutchins (Higgins?) was offended at censorship.
Is it clash of civilizations? Have Muslim extremists hijacked the protests?
GOD TV once showed the cartoons clearly. Next time they were not clear. In his interview with Pat Robertson on 9/2/2006, Thomas Spencer, author of “Politically incorrect guide to Islam” said Mohammed was a man of war and violence. Out of the 78 battles he fought 77 were battles of offence. He got the poets opposed to him killed.
An Iranian newspaper has called for cartoons on holocaust. Denmark is not a Jewish country. Israel is not involved in this controversy. What connects cartoons to Israel is not clear except that it suits Iran.
The issue would not have been so volatile except for an Imam from Denmark who went to the Middle East and provoked people there. Demonstrations in Syria and Iran had state sponsorship.
Indian Government and Congress Party should not get involved in this controversy even though some Muslims demand recall of Indian Ambassador in Denmark and condemnation of cartoons by the Government of India and Sonia Gandhi, President of the Congress Party. This issue has nothing to do with India. Bowing to some Muslims whose followers are limited confers on them larger than life image and creates problems. In Egypt there were no widespread protests due to sinking of Al Salaam in which many people lost their lives.

Adult Films

When Star Movies began it showed adult movies at any time without any cuts, computer graphic coverage, darkening or alteration.
At one time ZeeMGM used to show adult movies mostly without any cuts, computer graphic coverage, darkening or alteration especially at 11.00 p.m. on Saturday nights. I want to see adult movies without any cuts, computer graphic coverage, darkening or alteration between 11.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. on free to air channels and at any time on pay channels.
Broadcasters should not worry about any PIL. Bombay High Court has held cable operators responsible for the content. In other parts of India there is no restriction. If anyone has e-mail id of Information & Broadcasting Ministry send it to me. I will write to them.
If scenes are cut from adult movies they can be shown any time.
I have given below names of movies I want to see uncensored. Ignore the dates in brackets.
China Moon
Coca Cola Kid
Unlawful entry
Wild Orchid
Eyes of a stranger
Poodle Springs
Fist of fury
Pretty woman
Last Emotion
Striptease (27/9/2002)
Death Wish 5 (2/11/2002)
Class (5/11/2002)
Hit the Dutchman (11/11/2002)
FX 2 ((15/11/2002)
Double Impact (18/11/2002)
To kill for (26/11/2002)
Italian Movie (2/12/2002)
Surviving Picasso (7/12/2002)
Hot Bubblegum (9/12/2002)
Teachers (20/12/2002)
No way out (23/12/2002)
Infinity (20/1/2003)
The woman in red (11/2/2003)
The Bounty (27/2/2003)
Cool Change (3/3/2003)
Fatal Beauty (10/3/2003)
Monkey Shine (1/4/2003)
Inferno (7/4/2003)
True Blood (14/6/2003)
Save me (30/6/2003)
Incognito (18/7/2003)
Norma Jean & Marilyn (21/7/2003)
Appetite (25/7/2003)
Terminator (7/8/2003)
Police Academy (21/8/2003)
Police Academy 2, 3, 4, 5 (22/8/2003)
The base 2
Out of sight (10/1/2003)
Body of evidence (24/2/2003)
Top gun (20/3/2003)
The other side of midnight (11/7/2003)
Coyote ugly (16/8/2003)
Rosemary’s baby (4/9/2003)
Black Magic Woman (6/9/2003)
Midnight Heat
Whispers in the dark
Dying young (9/12/2002)
Striking distance (30/12/2002)
Red letters (6/5/2003)
When Harry met Sally (26/5/2003)
Mr. Wonderful (12/6/2003)
Mission Impossible 2 (10/7/2003)
The Hunted (5/8/2003)
Erin Brokovich (5/8/2003)
American Beauty (11/8/2003)
Sea of love (14/8/2003)
Coyote ugly (16/8/2003)
Zebra lounge (16/8/2003)
Jackie Brown (18/8/2003)
The Prophecy II (18/8/2003)
Love and rage (19/8/2003)
Dark Angel (21/8/2003)
Bare witness (30/8/2003)
Everyone says I love you (1/9/2003)
Black Magic Woman (6/9/2003)
Separate ways (9/9/2003)
Meet Joe Black (12/9/2003)
Johnny skidmarks (16/9/2003)
Cruel intentions (16/9/2003)
Bridget Jones’s Diary (16/9/2003)
Miami Blues (17/9/2003)
Stealing Beauty (18/9/2003)
The fourth protocol (20/9/2003)
Indiscreet (20/9/2003)
No man’s land (28/9/2003)
Double jeopardy (28/9/2003)
Breathless (7/10/2003)
Female perversions (14/10/2003)
Angel of destruction (18/10/2003)
Miracle Beach (3/11/2003)
Sweet November (19/11/2003)
Gattaca (4/12/2003)
Double cross (6/12/2003)
Vanilla sky (10/1/2004)
Sexual predator (10/1/2004)
Shredder (10/1/2004)
Money train (14/1/2004)
Strangers (14/1/2004)
Dead on (29/1/2004)
Diabolique (29/1/2004)
The mask of Zorro (29/1/2004)
Fatal attraction (29/1/2004)
Hunting (3/2/2004)
Acts of love (8/4/2004)
Praise (8/4/2004)
Insomnia (8/4/2004)
Reason to Die (17/4/2004)
The killer inside (17/4/2004)
Hot target (15/6/2004)
Gangs of New York (1/8/2005)


Budget 2006

I expect the following in budget 2006:
The budget shall be a surplus budget.
Calendar year shall be Financial Year. Budget 2006 shall be for April – December 2006.
There shall be uniformity in tax rates. Income tax exemption limit is Rs.1,00,000/- except for women which is Rs.1,25,000/- and senior citizens Rs.1,50,000/-. The exemption limit for all should be Rs.1,50,000/-. Mostly men are the sole earning members and senior citizens do not have to take care of children.
Lot of money that is collected through taxes and spent on various schemes does not help the people. There is swindling and corruption. The country will be better off without these schemes. Taxes also lead to corruption. This has to be avoided. The Finance Minister shall announce the following:
Income Tax will be reduced by 1% per year and after 30 years there will be no Income Tax.
Service Tax will be reduced by 1% per year and after 10 years there will be no Service Tax.
Other taxes will be reduced gradually.
Subsidies will be abolished.
Employment Guarantee Scheme will be wound up.
MPLADS will be abolished.
There will be constitutional amendment to abolish Profession Tax.
Mid-day meal scheme will be scrapped.
The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and the Ministry of Human Resource Development implement a number of schemes. They will come to an end.
Backward Regions Grant Fund will come to an end.
There will be no special economic packages for Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir and the North Eastern Region or any other State or region.
The Rural Infrastructure Development Fund will come to an end.
The UPA Government will not do anything:

  •  to bring an additional one crore hectares under assured irrigation;
  • to connect all villages that have a population of 1000 (or 500 in hilly/tribal areas) with a road;
  • to construct 60 lakh additional houses for the poor;
  • to provide drinking water to the remaining 74,000 habitations that are uncovered;
  • to reach electricity to the remaining 1,25,000 villages and offer electricity connection
  • to 2.3 crore households; and
  • to give telephone connectivity to the remaining 66,822 villages.

‘Bharat Nirman’ will be scrapped.
Government will not provide equity support.
National Horticulture Mission will come to an end.
A Knowledge Centre in Every Village is the job of villagers.
“Promotion of SSI Schemes” will come to an end.
Indira Awas Yojana will come to an end.
National Urban Renewal Mission will come to an end.
Education cess will come to an end.
Cash withdrawal tax will come to an end.
Financial Institutions will unload their holdings. It is not the business of the government to keep up stock markets.