Names and Surnames – I

Names play an important role in our lives. Most of the people have surnames though many communities do not have surnames. I want to prepare a list of male names, female names and surnames. Males shall not have female names and vice versa. Surnames shall not be kept as names. Names of countries such as England, Holland and Ireland shall not be surnames.

Elections, judges etc.

Elections in India should be held on a single day. Bihar elections are held in four phases. First polling is on 18/10/2005 and last polling is on 19/11/2005. Paramilitary forces could have been used for maintenance of law and order. Election Commissioners want to extend their importance and do unjustified things. Reasons given for such a long duration are unjustified. If security forces can be moved from one place to another during different phases, so also booth capturers. Polling boxes need to be guarded for a long time and it is an avoidable expenditure.

CPI and RJD have criticized the long duration of Bihar elections. CPI’s objections are strange as it objected on the basis of Ramzan. Communism is against religion. Karl Marx said, “Religion is the opium of the masses”. Once Somnath Chatterjee had thrown an iftar party where no Muslim was present.

Sania Mirza reached where no Indian woman reached before; fourth round of US Open a grand slam event. Indian Express did not report her match with Maria Sharapova.

Judges in USA should have retirement age. Nomination of John Roberts, who was under consideration as Justice, as Chief Justice is not right. One of the serving Justices should have been nominated as Chief Justice.

The constitution of India does not give the power of amendment to the judges. The Judges of Supreme Court amended the constitution when they said that consultation with the Chief Justice meant consent and it should be with a college of five judges including Chief Justice and four other seniormost Justices.

Hurricane Katrina caused immense damage. Criminals added to the misery by loot, rape and murder. Calamities bring out various sides of persons ranging from best to worst.

Schemes like National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme cause lot of money and do not benefit people much. In Solapur a scam of Rs.9.1 crore has come to light and Maharashtra Government is trying to hush up the matter.

No to reservations

There shall be no reservations in legislatures. To argue that women are 50% of the population and are underrepresented in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies is wrong. Women are free to contest 100% seats and win. If they do not do so it is their wish. Many political parties have opposed reservation for women on various grounds like backward class women should have reservation within these reservations.

Women can become Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers on their on strength. Many are undisputed leaders of their parties.

Reservation in panchayats and municipalities has resulted in proxy rule.

Similarly reservations for SCs and STs should go.

All political parties must have the courage to say reservations in legislatures are wrong in principle.

Political parties should not try to nullify the judgment that abolishes reservations in private unaided colleges. Let not justice be diluted in the name of social justice. There are colleges by various communities including Dalits.

If politicians think pleasing people on the basis of community and sex will get them more votes they are mistaken. V. P. Singh when he was Prime Minister announced reservations for backward classes (52% of the population), conferred Bharat Ratna on B. R. Ambedkar as a representative of Dalits (15%) and declared Mohammed’s birthday a holiday to please Muslims (12%). He did not win the next elections.