India and USA

USA dictates to India what it should or should not buy from others. India should resist USA.
India should tell USA “We are a sovereign country. It is our right to buy anything from any country we want. Don’t tell us what we should not buy from other countries. If you impose sanctions there will be consequences.”
India dealt suitably with USA in Devyani Khobragade episode. India should deal with USA as equal and not as subsidiary.
India is low priority for USA. It postponed 2+2 talks twice. This time the talks were to be in Washington on 6 July. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was to meet Secretary of State Michael Richard Pompeo and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was to meet Defence Secretary James Norman Mattis. It is said Pompeo chose to go to North Korea to follow up on Trump-Kim summit. India should be in no hurry for 2+2 talks. India should postpone 2+2 talks twice to get even.
Iran is not India’s enemy. USA’s Permanent Representative to UN Nikki Haley said Iran funds terrorism and spreads conflict throughout the Middle East. USA is worse than Iran. It abets, funds, supports and trains terrorists and calls them freedom fighters. It did that in Afghanistan. It does that in Syria.
On 27 June Nikki Haley told Narenda Modi to stop buying oil from Iran. She comes below President, Vice President and Secretary of State of USA. Her conveying the message to India’s Prime Minister shows USA has low opinion of India and its PM.
India should not stop buying oil from Iran. Iran is ready to accept rupee payment. India should tell other oil and gas exporters that payment will be in rupees. India gave up Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline to please USA. India should not commit such mistake again.
India may buy missiles from Russia. India should be self-sufficient in defence production. It should not stop buying from Russia and buy from USA. USA wants India to buy from its military industrialists. For other imports India should pay in rupees. Putin-Trump summit is set to take place in Helsinki on 16 July.
India should deal with its problems with Pakistan alone. USA is not a reliable ally. Trump puts America First. India should put India First.
A strong rupee is in national interest. India should see that rupee appreciates against dollar and other currencies. Exporters should be told to quote their prices in rupees.

Nirav Modi is free

Nirav Modi is now known for defrauding Punjab National Bank. Estimates vary from Rs.14,000 crores to Rs.22,000 crores. It is said he has defrauded other banks Rs.3,000 crores. Left India in the beginning of January 2018.
Lalit Modi was an absconder and fugitive. He was charged with financial impropriety by Enforcement Directorate. His passport was impounded or revoked. He was in UK. Sushma Swaraj secretly facilitated Lalit Modi getting travel documents ostensibly to go to Portugal for cancer treatment of his wife. Her daughter Bansuri was in Lalit Modi’s legal team. On 31/7/2014 Keith Vaz, MP, sent an e-mail to Director General UK visas and immigration Sarah Rapson, an official in UK Home Office, about Lalit Modi. “Foreign Minister of India has spoken to me making it very clear that the Indian Government has no objection to the travel document being granted which is contrary to what the refusal notice has stated. Mrs. Swaraj has also spoken to James Bevan, who even though he is on leave, said he will speak to the relevant person in the Home Office. Frankly everyone has been involved in this apart from Ban Ki-moon.” Later Lalit Modi was seen partying with Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton and others. When the matter became public in June 2015 Sushma Swaraj defended her action saying she did it on humanitarian grounds. BJP and RSS defended her. RSS said she was full of nationalism and patriotism. Congress attacked Sushma Swaraj. P. Chidambaram accused her of nepotism, abuse of authority and violation of rules.
Nirav Modi is free to move from one country to another. His passport is revoked. Yet he has no problem. Government officials come with excuses. All countries did not get message. Some countries do not care about India’s requests. Nirav Modi has six passports. Names are different in passports.
Has Sushma Swaraj sent a secret message to USA, UK, Belgium and other countries that relationship with India will not suffer if they allow Nirav Modi to come and go? India has poor track record of getting back bank robbers. Officially CBI and ED want Nirav Modi. Is something unofficially going on? I hope truth will be revealed as in Lalit Modi case.

BJP dumps PDP

On 19/6/2018 BJP ended its alliance with PDP. J&K CM Mehbooba Sayeed resigned. The alliance came to power on 1/3/2015 with Mufti Mohammad Sayeed as CM. He died on 7/1/2016. His daughter Mehbooba Sayeed was not ready to take over CM immediately and Governor’s rule followed. Mehbooba Sayeed became CM on 4/4/2016.
All was not well in Kashmir. Stone-pelting at security forces had become rampant. At LOC there was firing by Pakistani forces on daily basis. Mehbooba Sayeed wanted a soft approach towards separatists and terrorists. Indian government declared cease fire for Ramzan. They did not lead to peace. So India did not extend cease fire which Mehbooba wanted. BJP communicated withdrawal of support to Mehbooba to Governor Narinder Nath Vohra and he told her about it. There is speculation that PDP was to hold its meeting on 21/6/2018 and after that Mehbooba was to come to Delhi with her demands and if the central government did not accept her demands she was to resign and BJP pre-empted it.
BJP claims the alliance had become untenable and ending it was in national interest. Shiv Sena which opposes every move of BJP welcomed it.
On 14/6/2018 there was UN Human Rights Council report on abuses and violations of human rights in Kashmir. The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, called for international investigation into multiple violations. India rejected the report as fallacious, tendentious and motivated, based on largely unverified information. The report also mentioned violations by Pakistan.
Former Deputy CM Kavinder Gupta’s statement to ANI “Uncertainties are there, but we are working on something and people will get to know about it.”, has led Omar Abdullah to accuse BJP of attempting horse trade to form new government and demand immediate dissolution of Legislative Assembly elections as soon as appropriate.
BJP members and supporters were talking about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits when Congress was in power. These days the question arose what has the BJP done to rehabilitate Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir. They are in power in Centre for over four years and in J&K for over three years. BJP failed Kashmiri Pandits.
We have to see what will happen in Kashmir. BJP may cobble a government with the help of defectors or it can be election in December of April-May.