What if cameras were not rolling?

Many times crimes take place in India which are captured by cameras and reported on national television. Some of them would have gone unpunished if cameras had not captured them.

However it is true that many crimes take place because cameras are there to capture them. People who commit those crimes inform TV channels in advance and after the arrival of cameras commit the crimes. They want publicity. They are sure they will not be punished.

Many acts of Vandalism in Bombay took place after cameras arrived. Molestation at Amnesia took place after cameras arrived. What happened to the criminals who targetted migrants in Bombay? What happened to the molesters in Mangalore? What happened to many other criminals who committed their crimes in front of cameras? They are free. They are not behind bars. People commit crimes because they know the long arm of the law will fall short in catching them. TV channels should not send reporters and cameramen when they are told in advance that a crime will be committed.

Updated: July 5, 2014 — 1:25 pm

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