Voting Percentage

Newspapers and TV channels come up with voting figures which are guestimates. The figures differ from newspaper to newspaper and channel to channel. How the figures are arrived at is not mentioned. One channel mentioned 41% voting in South Bombay.

Voting percentage has to be based how many voters whose names were on electoral rolls had voted. Many times people who are eligible to vote do not find their names on electoral rolls. In my society in one house husband’s name was on voting list, wife’s was not. In another house the case was opposite.

Sometimes residents of buildings find their names are not on voting lists. Election Commission cards are of no use in such cases.

April and May are vacation for schools and colleges. Many people go to other places at that time.

In Bombay and suburbs voting was on 30/4/2009. Maharashtra day followed. May 2 and 3 being Sunday many people had four days leave at a stretch. They could have gone out of station.

Gerson da Cunha said you can not sell a bad product how much may be the advertisement. If people are cynical about elections and politicians it can not be helped.

Some thought 26/11 will cause people to come out in large numbers to vote. People’s anger had dissipated after Shivraj Patil, Home Minister of India, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Raosaheb Patil, Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister of Maharashtra, had resigned.

Next time Newspapers and TV channels come up with voting figures they should mention the total number of voters on electoral rolls in a constituency and the total number of voters who have voted.

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