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No innocent person shall be punished. No guilty person shall escape. Punishment shall be in proportion to the crime. Justice is not reform.

Death penalty is the proper punishment for murder. It shall be in every case. There are people who argue for life imprisonment for murder. They say it is more harsh than death penalty.

Arguments against life imprisonment for murder:
1) Life imprisonment is not more harsh than death penalty. Many people spend 14 or 20 years in jail and come out.
2) If life imprisonment is not more harsh than death penalty it is better to put the murderer to death.
3) Murderers escape from prison and kill more people. Remember Veerappan.
4) Some claim abolition of death penalty in countries like UK has resulted in murders coming down. This is hogwash. Remember Hannah Foster. After terrorist bombings in London UK will have to rethink on bringing back death penalty.
5) What about people who killed Mohandas Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi?
6) Death penalty not being mandatory has resulted in murders taking place openly.
7) It has resulted in encounters.

Law and Order in Maharashtra

The constable who raped a girl in a police post at Marine Drive on 21/4/2005 is yet to be convicted. Some days after that a German tourist was raped in Rajasthan. The criminals were convicted in May.

People who vandalise theatres are not dealt with. Film persons go to plead with the leader of political party.
When Legistature meets in Vidhan Bhavan the security arrangements are a nuisance to people who work around the area. The capital of Maharashtra shall be shifted to some remote place.


The profession who filed a PIL has against adult films has got involved in Tuff Shoes case. Does she spend her money for court cases? How much time does she spend for preparation of classes?

Road dividers
from Eros to Petroleum House are a nuisance.


I will be 48 on 19/7/2005. Many of my wishes are unfulfilled. I am dejected, depressed, disappointed, dispirited, disgrunted and disillusioned. However I hope like Abraham Lincoln success will begin for me at 48. I remember the words in Pretty Woman: “Some dreams come true. Some don’t. Keep on dreaming.”

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