Uttar Pradesh Elections

Uttar Pradesh Elections proved psephologists wrong. All predicted hung assembly. BSP got clear majority and did not need any support from any party or independents.
SP, BJP and Congress lost seats. Congress expected to do better. Rahul Gandhi’s road shows did not help. His utterances regarding demolition of Babri Mosque, Independence and breaking of Pakistan gave rise to controversies and resulted in the loss of seats. Congress people say Rahul Gandhi is there for the long run. If he carries on like this Congress tally will be zero.
Mulayam Singh Yadav blamed Election Commission for his party’s defeat. Sometimes Election Commission exceeds its powers, but that is not the reason for his party’s defeat. He had formed government on the support of defectors who should have been disqualified soon. Crime was rampant. Police stations did not register complaints. Statistics was a lie. Advertisements could not fool the people. People like Beni Prasad Varma and Raj Babbar had left the party.
Mayawati has become the chief minister for the fourth time but this time on her own. A Dalit woman can become chief minister of the largest state on her own. Dalit and women do not need reservations.
Mayawati will have a decisive role in who becomes the next President of India if UPA wants its candidate to win. If UPA and NDA agree on a common candidate her support will not be required.
BJP lost many seats. It expected to continue its success in Punjab and Uttarakhand. It had won Delhi municipal elections.
Jan Morcha led by V. P. Singh and Raj Babbar did not have much impact.
It is good that there is no hung assembly and Mayawati can give decisive leadership.

Updated: June 22, 2014 — 12:44 pm

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