Trump is President

On 20/1/2017 at noon local time, 10.30 p.m. Indian Standard Time, Donald John Trump became the President of USA. Voting was on 8/11/2016 and on 9/11/2016 Trump had enough Electoral College votes to be President. The matter should have rested there but enemies of Trump were not giving up. They tried other means to stop him becoming President.
Protests against Trump erupted in many cities. The protesters shouted “Not my President”. Some protesters engaged in vandalism and arson. They went on for some days and nights. Some said George Soros was behind those protests.
On 23/11/2016 Green Party candidate Jill Stein started a campaign for recount in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Trump had won in those states. Recount of votes would not have made a difference to Jill Stein. She would not have got the Electoral College votes of those votes. Hillary Clinton would have been the beneficiary. Democrats contributed to Jill Stein’s campaign. Jill Stein filed for a recount in Wisconsin on 25/11/2016, in Pennsylvania on 28/11/2016, and in Michigan on 30/11/2016. Trump campaign moved courts against recount. On 7/12/2016 Judge Mark Goldsmith stopped recount in Michigan. On 12/12/2016 Judge Paul Diamond dismissed petition for recount in Pennsylvania. In Wisconsin recount took place and Trump got more votes. Pennsylvania had 20 Electoral College votes, Michigan 16, and Wisconsin 10. Trump had 306 EC votes, Hillary Clinton 232.
Trump’s enemies now asked Republican Electors not to vote for Trump. They said “I am not asking you to vote for Hillary Clinton.” Not voting for Trump meant Hillary Clinton will benefit. Some wanted Electors to vote according to their conscience. Voting was on 19/12/2016. Trump’s enemies were successful in getting two Republican Electors not to vote for Trump. They were from Texas. Chris Suprun voted for John Kasich. Bill Greene voted for Ron Paul. Trump got 304 EC votes out of 306, 34 more than required 270.
Hillary Clinton’s loss was more. She lost five EC votes of Democratic Electors. In Washington State, Levi Guerra, Esther John, Bret Chiafalo voted for Colin Powell and Robert Satiacum voted for Faith Spotted Eagle. In Hawaii, David Mulinix voted for Bernie Sanders. She would have lost three more votes, one each in Colorado, Minnesota, and Maine. The votes were declared invalid. In Colorado and Minnesota alternate Electors voted for Hillary. In Maine the Elector subsequently voted for Hillary.
After that there were attempts to discredit Trump victory. Obama said if he had contested he could have won. It was an unnecessary statement. There is no provision for third term for President of USA. Trump replied he had won in states where Obama had aggressively campaigned against him.
Most channels continued to be against Trump. Trump got annoyed with CNN and did not allow its correspondent to raise a question during a press conference. He called CNN fake news.
Trump has spoken against Boeing and Lockheed Martin for excessive profit and cost overrun. Companies which made easy profit from government money are unhappy with Trump.
Trump’s inaugural speech was short compared to speeches of other presidents. His inaugural speech was similar to his campaign speeches. He spoke against Washington elite and politicians who are all talk and no action. He ended with his slogan Make America Great Again.
Trump wants American companies to manufacture in USA. He has talked of 35% tariff on goods manufactured outside USA. His slogan is Buy American, Hire American. It reminds of the slogan Be Indian, Buy Indian, which was prevalent many years back. Now there is talk of Make in India. Many Indians fear that getting H1-B and L1 visas will be difficult.

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