Three Modis

Narendra Modi is Modi No. 1. Also known as NaMo.
Lalit Modi is Modi No. 2. Also known as LaMo.
Nirav Modi is Modi No. 3. Also known as NiMo.
Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India on 26/5/2014.
Lalit Modi wanted for a case in FEMA violations in IPL tournament in 2009 in South Africa is an absconder since May 2010. In June 2015 it became public knowledge that External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj helped him get travel documents on “humanitarian” grounds supposedly to take his wife to Portugal for medical treatment. Modi No. 1 should have sacked Sushma Swaraj for that. He did not do it. As per one report Lalit Modi is now a citizen of Malta.
Nirav Modi is now known for defrauding Punjab National Bank Rs.11,400 crores. It is said he has defrauded other banks Rs.3,000 crores. Left India in the beginning of January 2018. He was photographed in Davos with Modi No. 1 along with others. A picture is worth a thousand words. Randeep Surjewala referred to Nirav Modi as Chota Modi 2. AAP, Congress and other parties have attacked Modi No. 1 for what Modi No. 3 did. It is said PMO was informed on 26/7/2016 about Modi No 3 and nothing was done. Congress claimed it is the biggest bank loot scam in 70 years of independent India. BJP tries to shift blame to Congress by saying PNB fraud began when UPA was in power.
There are jokes about NaMo, LaMo and NiMo.
NiMo becomes NaMo’s baby.
Finding Nimo.
Nimo joins Lamo with the help of Namo.
Is Nirav Modi’s Aadhaar card linked to PNB account.
PNB was celebrating Valentine’s Day with NiMo. They gave him lot of LOU.
If you put money in bank – Nirav Modi takes.
If you put money in cricket – Lalit Modi takes.
If you keep money at home – Narendra Modi takes.

Remember the good old days when those who robbed banks were called “robbers” and “bandits”. Now they are called “industrialists” and “billionaires”.
If Modi No. 1 has to survive and thrive politically Modi No. 2 and Modi No. 3 have to be arrested and brought back. Blaming Congress will not work.

Updated: February 16, 2018 — 11:35 pm

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