Thoughts on 5/8/2006

It is not right to extend censorship on TV. Some people find something offensive is not the reason to extend censorship. Kaanta Lagaa offended some people but people who liked it were much more. It topped the charts for six months. Some of the songs, which some people wanted, banned were very popular. In India too many people and institutions exercise censorship. CBFC should be the only authority. Once it certifies a film there should be no ban on it anywhere in the country. Somebody or the other finds something offensive and if everyone’s wish is taken into consideration no film could be made. Taliban had banned films and TV in Afghanistan. The duty of the state government is to uphold law and order. Suicide is a crime. If anyone commits suicide in protest against the showing of any film he is a criminal and does not deserve any sympathy. If any state government rewards any such person it goes against the constitution and should be dismissed.

The end of the world is a fascinating subject. Since the time of Christ people have wondered about the end. When a person dies the world ends for him or her. The sum of the matter is constant. Signs like war and earthquake can be applied to any age.

Election Commission had more than four months time to decide about disqualification cases. First it did nothing when the Parliament passed Office of Profit Bill. Second it did nothing when the President returned the bill for reconsideration of the Parliament. Meanwhile one Chief Election Commissioner retired and another person became Chief Election Commissioner. There must be some punishment for dereliction of duty even when the person ceases to hold office.

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